Thursday, January 23, 2014

Reminder: Liberal Multi-Culturalism Is (Still) A Fraud

All true, and doncha just know that this guy was one of them that waxes lyrical about how vibrant and exciting these Third World hell holes are. So much more lifey than dullsville Britain!

But only if you don't have to deal with the realities of life in an Islamicaly-challenged hole. Obviously.

In other words, these guys love of multiculuralism rests on the idea that the rest of the world is just a more exotic version of Guildford. They're not actually open to other cultures at all, they're open to their own culture but in a different accent. Meanwhile, us judgemental right wing nuts at least give foreigners the courtesy of dealing with them on their own terms, instead of treating them like Guardian readers with a taste for flamboyant rhetoric.

It remind me of one of those 'Commencement Addresses' that was bouncing round the internet a few years ago, the one where the speakers tells the kids 'of course your parents are boring, they didn't used to be that way, but then they had to take care of you'. Britain is boring too, and that's why we have things like have actual ambulances.

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Nick Roberts said...

Still, as the US soldier in Vietnam famously said: The enemy is us. So is all the friends we haven’t met yet, it seems
And since all liberals know for certain that people are all the same all over the world under the skin, is it surprising that they all behave the same? The shop assistant who wanders off in River Island to answer a text from her boyfriend is EXACTLY the same as the colourful local guide who wanders off and pretends not to be responsible in any way when a medical emergency he didn’t help prevent becomes a fatal tragedy.

But never let it be said that local journalism has lost its skills at telling a large story in a few well chosen words;
“Mirjana Scott was with Samuel Boon, 17, when the Business Academy Bexley student fell to the ground while tackling an incline at around 3.30pm on the second day of the expedition to Amizmiz in Morocco on July 17, 2012.”
While tackling an incline at around 3.30pm on the second day of the expedition to Morocco on July 17.
Tackling an incline…3.30pm … Morocco… July.
Mirjana is the Arabic word for common sense, perhaps?
Oh, no.

And just how can we hope to survive man-made global warming on a planetary scale when some educated professionals can’t handle the old-fashioned hottest part of the day in North Africa in the summertime sort?