Wednesday, November 07, 2012

Hey, Let's Do The Show Right Here!

Given that the US electorate now apparently believes that paying for stuff isn't their problem, it looks like one pop culture meme is exactly backasswards. We're not turning into their 51st State, they're turning into our fifth country.

Compare how Ogabe talks about the 'rich' versus how Salmond talks about the 'English' and you'll see what I mean.

All of which means that the engine of the global economy has gone a bit Austin Allegro and China is free to rampage around the Pacific (so if you were wanting to get a PS3, don't wait too long), but it's not all bad news though.

Hey, I can well understand why British conservatives are so interested in US politics. Let's face it, it's great to see at least one country where the conservative movement is lifey and making the intellectual running, but at a certain point all this Yank-watching becomes a displacement activity. We can learn a lot from US conservatives, but we actually need to do something with that knowledge. Now America has hit the rocks, we can tear our eyes away from the no-longer shining city upon a hill and start sorting out our own favela.

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Nick Roberts said...

Yes, the Free World’s dad not only announced he’s not going to attend meetings after all, but he’s hitting the bottle harder than ever and, the loan sharks down the Chinese being maxed out and, their college fund long spent, he’s looking to borrow his kids’ allowance to pay for still more booze and gear. Oh, and, rather than dealing with the rowdy neighbours who threaten his kids, he’s inviting some of them round for drinks and watch the football. No wonder, then, when some of these dossers look meaningfully at dear old dad’s teenage daughters.
This might indeed be a good time for those daughters to get a lock put on the bedroom door and make friends with other wholesome elements who might stand by them - if only they weren’t themselves addicted to Reality TV, internet shopping and their useless European boyfriends who never say a word in their defence.
And did anyone see Britain’s got talent on Saturday? Lol.