Wednesday, September 26, 2012

That Was Kind Of The Point...

Alan @ B-BBC notes a certain difference in tone in the BBC's reporting of South Yorkshire Police's two adventures in creative writing.

He's got a point, but coming back at you, Al!

Up until a week ago, anyone saying the official story of Hillsborough was total balls was clearly a tinfoil hat wearing loon. Besides, Scousers! Even though, well, know.

Now we know that the main mistake us sceptics made was lack of imagination. Who knew that even the families' own lawyers were in on it? Are we supposed to be shocked that, contrary to popular mythology, SYP aren't an otherwise blameless organisation driven mad by the strain of dealing with Scousers?

The whole point folks like me were making was that you can't be slightly corrupt. Once you accept that it's OK for police officers to file false reports, destroy CCTV footage and release bogus press statements, there's no getting off the bus. That's Conservatism 101. It's the left and their libertarian pals that keeps telling us, hey, a little bit of corruption/perversion/cannibalism etc doesn't make someone a bad person.

Well, not necessarily, but that's the way to bet.

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Nick Roberts said...

Does this mean that if there was any truth in the original reports at the time stating that ticketless Liverpool supporters tried to force their way into the ground; thus making it necessary for the authorities [you should excuse the expression] to do what they did -however badly - then it would be now okay to investigate and discover the identities of such careless individuals who must surely be ultimately responsible for the deaths that occurred?
I mean, if Plod messed up, who caused Plot to do the messing? Kind of like Bloody Sunday, but without the IRA snipers that preceded the shootings just as someone or other did the naughties at Heysel Stadium?
Only asking.