Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Stephen Lawrence Redux

Someone remind me: wasn't one of the main charges against the police at the Macpherson witch hunt that they intially failed to treat the murder as racially-motivated?

I only mention it because... well, you know.

On the plus side, at least the police didn't take half a decade to decide he was really dead.

Instinct tells me that the Macpherson principle, that crimes are racially-motivated if the victim or any third party thinks they are, will now be quietly dropped.

A vote of thanks too for the femiloons. They've now managed to top years of pushing absurd false rape claims by a blind refusal to acknowledge actual rapes.

Apparently, the victims should have lain back and thought of Marx.

All of which is by way of saying Ed West is wrong. It's not about victimhood, it's about promoting savagery. Liberals instinctively defend whichever side is most opposed to civilisation. That's why Saddam Hussain, Gary Glitter and Mozzam Begg have all received the liberal sob sister treatment.

It's the left's own version of the Confessional: simply recite ten 'Death to Americas' and be reborn as a Certified Liberal Icon. For proof of that, look no further than the Guardian's glowing tribute to this 'warm, funny and blunt' charmer.


JuliaM said...

I can't help but geel the police shouldn't be alone in the dock on this one:

"Greater Manchester Police (GMP) investigated Kabeer Hassan and another man, aged 59, but it was nearly a year later when a CPS lawyer decided to drop the case."

Anonymous said...

Part of the problem is that so many of the organisations which are tasked with stopping incidents like this, have one eye on the main part of the agenda - "Could it be racial and if it is, what could this do to my knighthood/damehood/promotion/end of year bonus (add your own reason) - Most of the rank and file Police officers know that this is a racial incident and probably many have tried to stop it but have found themslves battering against the stell doors of those who believe that only white people can commit racial offences and that travellers are nice, gentle folk who wouldn't harm a baby (especially if they could sell it for a couple of quid). It is true that the Police could have done more, but the decisions not to were taken by those on the top floors of buildings, far away from the noise and the dirt and scum and who look towards futures as Government advisors or HM Inspectors of Police. They basically couldn't give a sh*t about what happens three floors below them. I would suggest that many of them have copies of 'Brave New World' in their library.

James K said...

The Guardian's obituary of Myra Hindley is as good an example of the "pussy pass" as you will find. It is impossible to imagine such a warm tribute to Ian Brady, or Peter Sutcliffe. Occasionally a Guardian writer even suggests that no woman should ever be sent to prison.

Brontosaurus said...

Following the McPherson Inquiry the police were falling all over themselves to adopt all of his recommendations. This included the one that stated if any person thought the crime/incident was racial, then it was.
The public quickly began to realise that unless the crime was very serious or you labelled your crime racist then it was unlikely to be given any attention by the police. Almost every crime reported by VEM's was racist and white victims had to make up allegations of such to have any chance of their crime actually being investigated.
Now, you can allege your crime is racially motivated but if the police disagree then it won't be treated as such. In practice that means very few white victims are ever treated as victims of race crime. It is too risky to careers to deny that a black or asian victims crime is racially motivated.