Wednesday, July 20, 2011

It's All Fun And Games Until Someone Loses A Pie

... As Ann Coulter once said.

Yep, liberals tried to throw stuff at her too. Ditto, Jeremy Clarkson, Bjorn Lomberg and seemingly everyone who's ever spoken out against the left in any way. That's in addition to the whole 'riots' thing, of course.

Meanwhile, Sharon Shoesmith, Abu Hamza and Gary Glitter all remain not only resolutely unpied, but also the subject of approximately 1 billion editorials equating even the mildest criticism of them with coded support for lynch mobs - and if there's one thing the liberal media can't stand, it's people encouraging violent thugs....

Then again, the left's decision to give up actual arguments, and make juvenile acts of intimidation the central plank of their platform is probably a case of making the best of a bad job. Consider allegedly serious politician Tom Watson's line of attack on Murdoch: apparently he's a doddering, incompetent old fool who spends all day drooling on his paperwork, and also a sinister puppet master single-handedly responsible for making British liberals look like a bunch of whining no-marks.

Mind you, you can kind of see why they're worried - the last time they got so worked up about a supposedly senile evil genius, he won the Cold War. Ralph Miliband was never the same again.

Still, all that's way better than the latest conspiracy theory. Apparently, Murdoch pledged his support for Cameron so in return The Dave will push policies supported by Murdoch.


It never worked that way for the Tory base. On past form, Murdoch's lucky Cameron didn't announce a £1 billion bailout for the Guardian.


Mr Grumpy said...

'Ralph Miliband was never the same again.'


Rob said...

"Uk Uncut - in their own words". More fearless investigative journalism from the BBC. Fearless forensic probing of that group's ideas and position. Oh no, in fact it's another free hit for left wing loons.

Arthur said...

It must hurt a lot

Anonymous said...

We are often reminded that Murdoch's tabloids stirred up racism and fear of immigrants. And of course that NI could make or break governments

Yet, year after year and government after government immigration legal & illegal has risen, PC has taken a firmer and firmer grip on discourse.

So, either Murdoch is actually a globalising scumbag of the first order and all the supposed rabble rousing racism was just a smokescreen or he never had as much influence as our left/liberal friends claimed.

Which is it?