Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Geek Baffled By Whole 'Democracy' Thing

C'mon, you know he wanted to say 'Intereferes in' here, right?

These guys are supposed to be pushing back the frontiers of human knowledge but they're still struggling with the mystery of why taxpayers get to decide where their money gets spent. All of which kind of hints at the problem.

They're supposed to be our best and brightest, but it just so happens that out of all the people who know how to do science, none of them turn out to be people who question the idea that the government should just fork over huge quantities of other people's money, no questions asked.

Their minds are open to extreme possibilities, except for the extreme possibility of hiring any conservatives. Just this once, diversity isn't a good thing. Meanwhile, anyone who questions the objectivity of results produced by a political monoculture investigating hot-button issues is clearly some kind of right-wing hack.

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Onus Probandy said...

Just a quick note to ease your mind (perhaps).

I'm a geek (I hold masters and PhD degrees in engineering) and a libertarian (some people class that as right wing; I don't think they're correct, but certainly not left wing).

The UK libertarian blogosphere seems to have disproportionate numbers of geeky types (although I only get hints, because they generally, like I, prefer to retain their anonymity).

I suspect that geeks have just been misguided; like a great many others they have been told left=good; right=evil. They see themselves as open minded, willing to let others live as they wish, and what they see as "liberal". The problem is that the word "liberal" was hijacked long ago by the left. They are classical liberals, not modern liberals.

I choose to be a libertarian because I believe that maximising individual economic and social freedom (by leaving them to make their own choices) simultaneously maximises outcomes for those who are not as well off in society. I don't choose to be a libertarian because I am an evil sociopath (which is what the left portray all non-lefties as).