Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Quote of the Day

And talking of the worthless rich, here's Big Hollywood's John Nolte on the cliche that just won't die:
Without the patronizing mantra of “quiet desperation,” what does the left have? Nothing. Only the realization that their own conformity and inability to feel and express joy is their own fault and not someone else’s. Specifically not the fault of an American way of life that for two hundred years has disproved and laughed in the face of the left’s arrogant belief in their own superiority.

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North Northwester said...

It must be quiet desperation indeed if liberal and their chosen victim crops can't express or find access to anything that is likely to bring joy. After all, even the shiny-suited ad-men 1950s clones of blessed liberal imagination must have had access to hundreds of churches, clubs, mail order educations and local schools, national conventions and mutual-help societies. Not to say public libraries and actually educated teachers and college lecturers. Not to say cheap paperback classics, reading circles, their own families, veterans' organisations, neighbourhood sociability and bar-room banter and informal friendships at work.
It takes dedication to be lonely and joyless in a free society.
But libs have dedication.
Funnily enough, our conformist conservative back in the day; unbroken yet from the chains of bourgeois morality, lacked only the excitement of wondering which neighbour, teacher, friend, colleague or relative was likely to report him to the local state enforcer of official happiness. Luckily for humanity, many liberal-approved governments employed such professionals in great quantities for concerned citizens who were a little worried about their neighbours' lack of officially-mandated joy.
What DID happen to those happy lands?