Friday, December 10, 2010

Riots, Then & Now

Two thoughts about Student Grant's little tantrums:

i/ It might be my memory, but back when it was footy fans wrecking town centres, I don't ever recall any of our piously egalitarian MSM lefties carefully explaining how the vast majority of footy fans were beautiful little flowers who just wanted to see a game. Meanwhile, right now the screens are full of people explaining that Julian Fortesque D'Tool was at the riot but not with the riot.

ii/ If the riots are a distraction from the Vast Majority of Peace-Loving Muslims Protestors, what is it that the protestors think we're being distracted from? What is their actual point?

Ah yes: they think everyone else should give them money. To the extent that the riots hide the sheer beggary of their position, it is surely to their advantage.

Hey, the union thugs may have used the same tactics to try and bring down the government in the Eighties, but at least those guys had actual jobs.


JuliaM said...

The news that the Cenotaph Swinger was Dave Gilmour's adopted son just added a surreal note to yesterday's proceedings....

Rob said...

Imagine if the EDF had rioted and had shouted "go for the horses". The death toll at the Guardian from apoplexy alone would run into the hundreds.

In the old days Dave's brat would be swinging in a different way by now and Dave's inheritance planning would have become a lot simpler.