Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Liberal Self-Awareness Fail!

One of the big differences between conservatives and liberals is that the most of the right have at least a vague idea what liberals think, meanwhile liberals are so wrapped up in their own caricatures of the right as knuckle-dragging bigots, they haven't got a clue what the right is actually saying.

Example here.

Doubtless, these guys think it's a cunning plan to slime independent schools by inventing ever more loopy reasons for them to be fail inspections, but really: the parents who are sending their kids to these schools are sending them there in large part to avoid the influence of the type of leftist ninnies who love jumping out of the metaphorical bushes shouting 'Four point seven nine TWO actually.

Hell, sparing Junior the horror of appropriate playing alone must be worth at least a half term's worth of fees.


Anonymous said...

You must see this 'Free homes for prisoners stop reoffending', it even has a quote from an Integrated Offender Management Co-ordinator at ther end: http://url.ie/5kuu

JuliaM said...

Oh, my good GAWD!

"...Enda Ross, Integrated Offender Management Co-ordinator in Tameside said she believed that the Spotlight project will help "to reverse the cycle of failure which many offenders fall into." "

Well, quite, Enda I mean, it's clearly not a failure if you can't stay out of prison unless someone (i.e. the taxpayer) gives you a free house, is it?

The mystery clearly isn't 'Why do these people not work and live honest lives?' any more.

The mystery is why we DO...

Rob said...

"Integrated Offender Management Co-ordinator"

Obviously a front-line service.

I wonder if Enda Ross has ever considered that giving free homes to offenders might encourage others to offend?

Two options here - Enda is as thick as pigshit, or Enda wants to encourage as much crime as possible.

The State is now full of people like Enda.