Sunday, April 15, 2007

No Violence Here!

Have Liberals traded in cocaine for sodium penthol ? In the self-same week we’ve had Princess Tony caught in public admitting that there’s an overlap between the demographic that’s most likely to be involved in gang violence and the target market for Kop Killa Kollective’s new ditty ‘Da Ho Had It Komin’, the Observer reported this.

Hey, it is the Observer, so naturally the Dept of Absurd Rationalisations has been hard at work but – as commonly happens – the effect is the opposite to the one intended, emphasising just how indefensible this all is. The winner of ‘Best in Show’ is undoubtedly the claim that the murder was partially down to the failure to fund racially-exclusive leisure facilities. Can you imagine, in the wildest extremes of possibility, the Observer ever justifying tacit support for racially-motivated homicide amongst native Britons by citing the shortage of ‘whites-only’ swimming pools ? Call it a wild-shot in the dark, but I’m thinking folks who demand apartheid down the leisure centre are already pretty far down the road to justifying racial murder.

See, that’s the thing. There’s no need for talk of ‘institutional racism’ here. Here it is front and centre. A racially-motivated homicide occurs in front of a bus load of witnesses, who promptly shrug and go do whatever scumbags do all day. If the players had been the other way round, the BBC would already have sixteen programs on the go.


Thinking about it further, you have to admire how the Observer's story manages to include a full load of rationalisations for racial violence, without ever spelling out that it was a racist murder. Well played, Sir!

Meanwhile, I'm left wondering if there is a deeply Conservative point under all this. Steve wondered whether the black communities acceptance of (support for ?) mob violence in the 1980s created the conditions for today's crime wave. Me, I'm thinking it proves the absurdity of 'hate crimes' laws. Conservatives argue against hate crimes laws because they suggest some murders are to be taken more seriously than others. But maybe that's cuts the other way too. Maybe there's a connection between the violence and anarchy in the black community and a culture where murdering whites is no big thing ? Maybe murder is murder after all ?

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