Monday, April 30, 2007

Yes, It's True: The Sequels Do Get Worse

Conservatism is a pathway to many abilities, some considered to be unnatural. Consider the fact that merely seeing the headline "Coroner attacks 'inexcusable' US", I was able to guess just who it was.

I'm not sure where the line is between 'disinterested seeker after truth' and 'media whore' but, once you been back to the well for the third time, you're no longer 'crusading', you're 'branding'.

Lest it be argued that Andy Pander is just doing his job, let's just check up on what even dyed-in-the-wool Leftists admit is the role of an inquest:
Proceedings at an inquest are inquisitorial, rather than adversarial. This means that there are no opposing parties setting out to prove a particular version of events. This reflects the fact that the inquest is a fact-finding exercise and not a means of apportioning blame for the death, or trawling for book deals
Actually, I added that last bit myself. Still, it's at least as valid as any of the Sun Tzu of Oxfordshire's contributions to military strategy. Indeed, the defining feature of Walker's output - apart from girly hysteria - is the lack of any real insight. Consider Walker's comments on the death of Sgt Roberts. There were no Americans around at the time, so Walker had to content himself with piously complaining about 'unforgivable and inexcusable' delays in providing body armour to the troops. Now, read what Mr FM had to say about the same case. So which one is the blogger and which the officer of the court ?

Of course, some will point out that Mr FM is ex-Army, while Mr Walker is a current Liberal no-nothing. Well, yeah, that would be the point. Seriously, we need someone to draw up the rules here. On the one hand, we can't mock Mr Bean, Jabbah Turney and the rest of the 'frightened 15' because we don't know what they went through, but operating a military aircraft under wartime condition, over water and at night ? Jus' common sense, init ?

But even on the legal system's own terms, Andrew Walker doesn't make the cut. Liberals wax lyrical about the importance of judicial independence, but here we have a guy whose whole reputation is built upon issuing soundbites slamming the troops. Take this latest case: it's 'inexcusable' that those damn Yankees won't release evidence to Squeally Andy. Hey, Andy, would that be evidence much like the cockpit videos they released last time, the ones that were leaked approximately 3.5 seconds after they were handed over ? So it looks like the US can either hand over classified material, and see it published by the MSM the day after, or it can keep hold of the evidence, and be criticised for being reluctant to see military data splashed all over the front page. It's great politics, but this kind of stupid GOTCHA! does tend to rule you out of the 'impartial finder of facts' stakes.

Back to the death of Sgt Roberts: Mr FM's description gives us a real insight into the compromises and judgement calls involved in deploying an Army, while Walker's output can be summed up as a squealing, foot stamping cry of 'Not Fair!'. So Walker's achieved his ambition after all: he is a Liberal icon. Can you think of a better pin-up for the Liberal approach to life ?

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