Sunday, April 22, 2007

Dale Vs Dale

I told you he kept asking for it. Iain Dale has just sniped at ATW after they noted his Cameroonacy. No, says Iain, he's a wild blog tiger on the road to Mad City, so don't diss his 'tude, dawg!

Speaking personally, I'm thinking the fact he feels the need to remind people how independently independent he is at least once a week kind of speaks for itself. But let's consider the evidence. Let's look at what Dale wrote about the Tories insane plan to cut a deal with the Lib Dems and put up Greg Dyke as their joint candidate for London Mayor.

Back in the far off days of Wednesday April 18th, Dale considered the plan 'bizarre' and claimed that he'd have to 'swallow very hard indeed to lift a finger to campaign for a candidate like Greg Dyke, who doesn't have a Conservative bone in his body'. Not only that, but in post titled 'Fallout From the London Nightmayor', he called the plan a 'a fraud on the electorate'.

Apparently, the delivery boy must have stopped by with the latest batch of kool aid this weekend. Suddenly it turns out that 'a fraud on the electorate' is actually proof positive 'that David Cameron is able to think the unthinkable and to delve into political areas no one would expect him to'. Apparently, proposing a 'bizarre' plan proves that Cameron is a 'risk taker', unlike cowardy custard Ming Campbell, who's so gutless he actually thinks candidates should actually support the party they're standing for.

Hey, here's a free clue: if your plan is too squalid even for the Lib Dems, that means it's really low. But this is where Cameron is taking the Tories, with Iain Dale following him around, explaining that 'fraud' actually means 'thinking the unthinkable'. I guessing he applies the same standards of accuracy when he describes himself as independent.

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