Monday, April 16, 2007

Not The 300

Wow! It was bad enough when the Left was coddling Islamofascists, but now it looks like even an outbreak of killer zombies can't distract them from the real threat. The Right's often accused of being prejudiced, but I think I can speak for most Conservatives when I say that even the French are better than a horde of flesh-eating undead.

Not much better,obviously, but measurably so.

The thing is, not only are there already approximately 8 billion movies using a variety of moronic metaphors to indict Conservatives, it's not even a new development for the zombie genre.

At this point, all I can do is quote this again:

After forty years of liberal rule in Hollywood it is nihilism that’s old-fashioned. It is moral relativism that is tired. It is political correctness, the always-noble people of color, the always-evil white guy, and the metrosexual that is cliched. A film with a clear divide between good and evil is something new. A film that celebrates patriotism, heroism, sacrifice, freedom, and honor is something revolutionary. In 1955 300 would be old-fashioned. In 2007 it makes a counter-culture statement as strong as Easy Rider in its day.

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