Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Lamest Smear Ever

I've said before that I don't want to turn this into IainDaleSux.Com, but he doesn't half ask for it. Take his latest revelation.

'Weak' is not the word. But let's just think about what the Tories are saying though. Here we have UKIP, a party that believes in maintaining British sovereignty, small government and law and order, and the Tories are busily claiming that makes UKIP indistinguishable from the folks worrying about the purity of their Aryan essence ?

That's a common enough argument amongst the loony left, but it's a new development for soi dissant Conservatives to use this line of argument. After all, isn't that all stuff the Tories claim they support as well ? So which is it ? Are the Tories lying when they claim to embrace these ideas, or when they claim UKIP are extremists for believing the self-same things ? Or - and this is the one I'd go for - are they a bunch of opportunists lacking any real ideological ballast whatsoever ?

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