Friday, April 27, 2007

Honest Enablers Of Predation

Expanding on a comment I made over here, Liberals love to charge Conservatives with hypocrisy as, Liberalism being an ideology which discrads all forms of traditional morality, it's the one thing they can never be charged with. Bottom line: Liberals are amoral scumbags, but we're supposed to respect their honesty.

Hence, why we have bizarre situations like the one Laban points out. Libs flay the churches for protecting perverts, even while maintaining an winking, ask-no-questions-be-told-no-lies relationship with the perversion itself. When exactly was the last time Liberals pushed legislation designed to hit these monsters ? Here's an experiment: next time you're trapped in a gathering with Liberals, mention how you think perverts should be named and shamed, then see how long it takes a Liberal to mention the paediatrician who was burned out of their home by a rampaging mob. I'm guessing under 3 seconds - only one problem: even the Libs' own Church admits it never happened.

So let's check the scorecard here: the people warning of the danger from a group with a proven ability to kill and kill again are the hysterical mob, while the people citing bogus atrocity stories are the sane ones ? Ah yes.

Naturally, you may be shocked - shocked! -to find Liberals lying in defence of evil, but that's not even it. Look who they're defending. Look who they've always been defending. It's the social workers joke taken to the limit, with Liberals stumbling over the body of a dead child and saying 'gosh, I hope nothing bad happens to the guy who did this'. True, Liberals keep claiming that by blocking legislation targeting predators, they're actually making it harder for perverts, but that's not hypocrisy! because no sane person could ever believe that anyway.

We're supposed to hate the Church because it protects degenerates within its ranks. Fine, now how about Leftists who protect degenerates by blocking new laws, and even refuse to implement the laws as they currently apply ? No, that's all right: they're Liberals, we always knew they were amoral scum anyway.

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