Thursday, April 19, 2007

Dead Lebanese Guy Oppressed By Britain

Interesting coincidence of stories over at ATW. First, there's the news that the race hustlers want to rebrand St George. Yep, out goes the unilateral aggression against members of the reptile community (a key demographic for Libs), in comes St George as representative of Britain's oppressed ethnic minorities', and St George's Day as a 'day of dissent', celebrating Britain's tradition of 'rebellion against the abuse of power.

Are these guys being paid by the cliché or what ?

As it happens, we do have a noble group of dissenters fighting the abuse of power right now. Yep, The Man wants to use The Power to twist the minds of The Kids, so they'll buy into The System. Call it a hunch, but I'm not thinking the BBC will be producing any drama-documentaries about these guys speaking 'truth to power' anytime soon.

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