Sunday, April 01, 2007


Who says the government can't get people freed ? The BBC has been pushing this story all day and always next to reports from Iran. I guess they're trying to suggest an equivalence between this scumbag and the Iran hostages.

A lot of folks would call this moral equivalence. I wouldn't, I'd call it moral nihilism. If you can't see the difference between professional soldiers and a guy who thinks blowing up the No 27 is a fine way to make his point, then your moral compass is terminally twisted. If nothing else, can these people stop yammering about 'atrocities' ? If setting off a bomb on a crowded train is no big, then sure as hell nothing the British Army has done in Iraq rises to the level of evil.

But, of course, it's all tactical. If nothing else, the Iran hostage crisis has proven just how bogus all that Liberal moralising really is. The Red Cross, Amnesty International and all the rest of the caravan of fools have suddenly been struck dumb. Liberal morality turns out to mean whatever they claim it means. We always knew the Left was full of it, and now they've been exposed.

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