Wednesday, April 25, 2007

It's the Hallmark of Good Policy

Call Me Dave has unveiled his new policy: people should be nicer to each other. Take that opponents of niceness! Hard to believe there was a time when Tories modelled themselves on Churchill, not Muriel Kleen.

While we wait for a definitive statement of the Tories position on cute puppies and long walks at sunset, let's try and refine what exactly the Dyson of La Paz is actually saying here. Is it 'nice' to call people 'fruitcakes, loons and closet racists' or 'maniacs', compare them to Nazis or claim they're responsible for deaths from AIDS ? Those first two were Call Me Dave on UKIP and Peter Hitchens respectively, while Tory leader in the London Assembly Brian Coleman compared people flying the Cross of St George during the 2006 World Cup to Nazis and Francis Maude claimed Lady Thatcher was partially responsible for his brother's death from AIDS.

The deeper point Camerong is trying to make is not completely stupid. He wants more non-governmental involvement in curing social problems. That could work actually. Consider how much the Catholic Church already does in the area of adoption, for example.

What ?

Oh right! See, that's the problem right there, that's what's so infuriating about Cameroonacy, the endless amounts of cake had and eaten. For all that Cameron talks about passing more responsibility onto people, he still wants to keep in place Nu Lab's elephantine state, together with Frankensteinesque social engineering, absurd PC, and the taxes required to support it all. So you still won't be able to get an appointment with your GP, but it'll be your own fault for not being pro-active enough.

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