Thursday, April 12, 2007

Liberal Slapfight

Red on reds are always fun, but I have to admit to admiring Blair's courage in actually pointing out that 'Britain' doesn't have a problem with knife violence. Rural villages, Golders Green and Chinatown all remain mostly free of gang warfare. Pointing out that gang violence is centred on certain demographics seems to be the modern equivalent of saying 'Jehovah'. Still, Blair being Blair, he effortlessly manages to steer the truck into a ditch.
It needed to be addressed by a tailored counter-attack in the same way as football hooliganism was reined in by producing measures aimed at the specific problem, rather than general lawlessness.
Well, yesssssss! In the technical sense of the word, soccer hooliganism has been mostly beaten, but take a walk round the average city centre on a Friday night. The mayhem still happens, it's just more dispersed. Footy hooliganism is a textbook case of the Liberal tendency for treating the symptoms not the cause. The analogies are there, but I'm guessing they're not the ones Blair wants you to draw.

On the other hand, at least Blair makes a kind of sense. What of the ten mile long queue of black activists, who've been filling up the airwaves all day claiming that the black community is already facing up to its problems and, besides, its all down to poverty... deprivation... alienation... racism... the vast right wing conspiracy... Jews... global warming ?

Yep, they're addressing their problems.... by blaming whitey. OK, homies, I'll buy that, but it has to be both ways. If black guys killing other black guys is the natives fault, then every time a black kid gets his stethoscope, that's our achievement, right ?

Oops. Guess not.

The readiness of supposed 'community leaders' to fall back on victimhood and flirt with racial paranoia raises the question of why exactly they're considered part of the solution rather than part of the problem. But what about Blair ? Just how much cheese does it take for Blair to come out with this:
I think that is to do with the fact that particular youngsters are being brought up in a setting that has no rules, no discipline, no proper framework around them.
Gosh, someone should have said something! Wait...the Right has been saying exactly that for years. Meanwhile, the Left has been waging a jihad on the very concept of boundaries. If Blair was really worried about kids being deprived of rules, he probably shouldn't have presided over the castration of the school discipline system.

Ditto, who was it who set up the MacPherson Show Trial ? The central lunacy of MacPherson was that the witch hunters started from a premise that the police were so obviously racist, they didn't need to actually provide any, y'know, evidence. All of which means we have ended up with all manner of perverse outcomes like this one:
It might seem strange that an investigation into the stabbing of a teenager would lead any sensible person to conclude that we should restrict the power of the police to search young people for things like knives
Blair's shamelessness have been one of his few consistent features over the years, but if chutzpah was dynamite, he'd be on the Moon right about now.

Indeed, it's a sign of just how much damage the Left has done to political discourse in this country that merely pointing out an undeniable fact - that the violence is concentrated in black areas - is treated as controversial in the first place.

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