Monday, April 02, 2007

Wolf in Sheep's Clothing

Turns out John Jeffries thinks Christianity is kind of rubbish.

Ah no - maybe that's unfair. He just wants to remake it to take out all the nasty stuff, and make it a kinder, gentler touchy-feely bunny rabbit of a philosophy.

Wait - I was right first time.

So who cares anyway ? The moonbats have always hated Christianity. Except it turns out to be that John Jeffries, the bloke who wanted to be the Anglican Church's first gay bishop until those nasty homophobes forced a climbdown.

Who'd have thunk it, eh ?

Looks like those nuts had a point after all. In so far as the crucifixion is kind of important for Christians, John Jeffries views really are incompatible with the religion. Maybe it would be better for the world if there was a faith which emphasised the happy, smiley Jesus, but it wouldn't be Christianity.

As ever, there's a wider issue here. Yet again we have a gay rights activist claiming he 'just wants to be one of the lads', who turns out on closer inspection to have a radical agenda. Equally, whatever your views on the mechanics and morality of putt bunching, nothing speaks for the incompatibility of the wider gay lifestyle with Christianity more than Jeffries attempts to rewrite the Bible.

This the key point. What those pesky 'homophobes' perceived clearly was that Jeffries' support for the status quo was purely a tactical and transitory thing. As with many other institutions, the Church could stick to its traditions, or it could reinvent itself as some kind of touchy-feely big tent, but it surely could not do both.

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