Tuesday, April 03, 2007

"Ultra-Right-Wing Boneheads"

This is what passes for rational debate at the BBC.

Oh, hang on - I hear a whimpering from the corner. Mr Liberal would like to point out that this post was in the BBC's magazine section, so it should be counted as commentary, rather than news. Well, alright, now lets see the figures on how often Conservative commentators get invited to denounce 'degerenate terrorist enabling Liberal vermin' - I'd start the betting at 'never' and work down from there.

But let's not let the superficial bias blind us to the deeper bias evidenced here. The fat blusterer is ranting about 24. Yep, that 24, but it takes more than climbing into bed with the truthers and swallowing whole the Liberal metacontext to shrive a single suggestion that the Right might have a point.

So think that one over. There's no Liberal bias in the MSM, but when a program gives the merest hint of a Conservative point, it's enough to have Liberals start channelling Linda Blair in The Exorcist. How very balanced!

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