Saturday, June 15, 2019

Cucks 4 A Caste System

If you want a barometer of how worthless Licensed Conservatives are, just look at how they all jumped to defend muh free speech when it was Jo Brand, but went MIA - or even piled on - when it was Count Dankula.

Or Sargon.

Or... well, anyone actually - just as long as they're outside Snoot Club.

The theory seems to be that by penning 10,000 word essays praising their own nobility in not condemning Fatso McAcidface, the left will be shamed into seeing the inherent hypocrisy of their position and take up the cause of free speech.

Ah huh.

Basically, it's a demand for unilateral disarmament in the culture wars.

As HD says, how's that working out for the right?

Liberals don't worry about being exposed as hypocrites. They get off on making us follow rules they have no intention of abiding by. It's the whole point of the exercise. When the cucks defend Jo Brand they're implicitly accepting this premise. They're accepting that there's a de facto caste system in Britain. There's the common rabble, constantly harried by a zillion hate speech laws, and then there's the Brahmin caste who can not only say whatever they want, but expect us to admire their courage in so doing.

Jo Brand, huh? So daring. So courageous. How does she get away with it!

Hey, I'm thinking the cucks continuously babbling about muh sacred principles probably help.

Wednesday, June 12, 2019

Bore On Drugs!

If you ask me, the worst thing about the Michael Gove drug revelations was that - last week of all weeks - he tried to pass it all off as a youthful indiscretion.

Hey, you guys, he was just another misguided thirty-something yoof.

There is no better barometer for what's gone wrong in Britain than that in the week where we remembered D-Day, members of the snoot class are seriously claiming that a guy almost twice the age of some of the troops who hit the beaches was just a poor mixed-up kid.

As far as the issue itself goes, I think I'm like most people: I can see reasons to abandon the war on drugs, and I can see reasons to step it up, but I can't see any reason for a war on drugs where there's a ceasefire every time some snoot enters the kill zone.

Still, at least Michael Gove has killed one of the more ludicrous myths about drugs.

Here's Mark Steyn:
He applied for a job round about that time at a publication for which I then wrote, and the chum of mine who took the interview reported back that Gove was one of the most boring men he'd ever had the misfortune to sit through lunch with. If he was snorting in the bog between the soup and fish, it evidently didn't add any sparkle to his repartee. For American readers, the notion of Michael Gove as a cokehead is roughly analogous to discovering Mike Pence spends his weekends in a gay leather bar: It renders the very concept of transgression pointless. Given what he's like on his face, the idea of Gove off his face is too surreal to contemplate.
Well, quite.

Yes, plenty of alleged 'creatives' use drugs but that's a consequence of their lifestyle, not a cause of it. Like Robin Williams said, cocaine is God's way of telling you you've got too much cash. Add in too much free time on the tour bus/in your trailer on set/whatever and the temptation is obvious. They needed their talent to get there in the first place, the drugs came later. Like some singer once said, drugs had a definite influence on his creativity - he'd have created a lot more music  if he hadn't been stoned all the time.

To the point: despite what the wannabe rebels in the MSM like to imply, boring people on drugs are still boring, just with a side order of annoying as well. Getting high on coke to feel cool is just an upper-middle class version of fat footy fans wearing replica shirts to feel more like their heroes.

Teachers: stop showing the kids unlikely public information films about how one tab of molly will turn them into a werewolf and just lay it out to them. Ask the kids: seriously, do you want to be as cool as Michael Gove?

Saturday, June 08, 2019

Feminist Achievement: Like Male Achievement But Without The Achievement

I might be going out on a limb here, but judging from the output of every TV station and newspaper in the country, I'm starting to think there may be some kind of sporting competition involving women in the offing.

Seriously though, watching how the MSM reports on 'wimminz's football' is enough to make you yearn for the snarky irreverence of North Korean TV.

Hey, the folks producing Pyongyang Today have the threat of a firing squad hanging over them. What's our media's excuse?

Curiously enough though, despite glowing coverage 24/7, there still seems to be a distinct lack of evidence that 'wimminz's football' has any actual women supporting it, outside of the usual freak show collection of feminazis. I mean, I'm just putting this out there, but in so far as there is absolutely no evidence that these freaks represent normal women, wouldn't it be more accurate to start calling it something else? Say, 'creepy loser football' or 'damaged wierdo football'?

Oops.... my mistake: they've broken the code. The reason why normal women don't want anything to do with them is that their sport just doesn't have enough deranged misandry. 

Yep, that's the answer. They just don't hate men enough.

Of course, you may wonder why such supposed supporters of the sisterhood are ripping off a song by male writers in the first place. Aren't there the odd one or two girl writers out there?

In fact, I have just the song for them!

Meanwhile, back in the real world, taking a fun song by some guys and turning it into a celebration of feminazi lunacy is exactly the point. As ever with these people, they don't want it, they just want men not to have it. Don't believe me? Consider this:
The new tune and accompanying video references past successes of the England team in the same way as the original song. But the names, and footage involved, have been switched. Substitutions include Jade Moore for Bobby Moore; Nikita Parris for Gary Lineker; Steph Houghton for Bobby Charlton, and Jordan Nobbs for Nobby Stiles.
That's the feminist definition of achievement in a nutshell: take something men did, and demand everyone pretend women did it.

I want to say something snarky, but like Ann Coulter said, the left's big advantage is their resistance to parody. Give it twenty years and children - at least the non-aborted ones - will be reading about how Everest was first climbed by Hillary Edmund and Sherpa Tanya.

For those of you keeping score at home, this means that the Refectory at Wokeingham University serving chilli and burritos on 'Mexican Day' is cultural appropriation, but digitally erasing high achieving males and inserting wimminz is perfectly reasonable and anyone who objects is probably a rapist.

All of which takes me back to my original point. Can you imagine if we had actual journalists in the MSM?

Actually, I can. I'm thinking the interviews would go something like this:
INTERVIEWER:I'm here with Millie Tant, newly crowned wimminz footballer of the year. Milli, congratulations, what does does wimminz football mean to you?
MILLI: It means we're going out there and sticking it to the Patriarchy. We're telling girls 'you don't need no man', embrace your girl power and stick it to these pigs. You don't have to live your life according to what some phallic oppressor says. We're here, we're free and we don't need nothing from no man.
INTERVIEWER: OK, so how does wimminz football differ from men's football?
MILLI: Well, they're basically the same...
INTERVIEWER: But you have a Wimminz FA, right?
MILLI: Not exactly...
INTERVIEWER: Your own clubs?
MILLI: Not really.
INTERVIEWER: How about your own pitches?
MILLI: Nope..I'm not sure where this going...
INTERVIEWER: But I bet you design your own shirts, right?
Yes, indeed. They're sticking it to The Man... just as long as the man continues to subsidise them, offer them free use of his facilities and pretend to take their loony cult seriously.

This is the real evil of it all. It's not just that these are horrible people pushing a vile ideology - it's the demand that people pretend that their awful, appalling appropriation of football is anything other than garbage.

As the great Theodore Dalrymple noted, the point of pushing obvious lies is not to convince anybody, it is to humiliate them. Once people have been forced to repeat absurdities they have been in both sense of the word, demoralized. The demand that people pretend that this parody of football is actually good is a demand that people ignore the evidence of their own eyes and their own reason. It is an attempt to outlaw reality. No healthy society should tolerate such a thing.

Sunday, June 02, 2019

Trumpenheiss Is Not Enough!

If you had Julia Hartley-Brewer in the sweepstake for 'Next Licensed Conservative To Get Thrown Under The Bus', congratulations, you can collect you winnings from the office.

All that hard work denouncing the Golden Don and it turns out you can never be woke enough!

Lest we forget, this is the woman who once wrote an article headed 'I'm No Katie Hopkins'.

Oops... turns out she is Katie Hopkins, and so is the next MSM pseudo-con busy penning their 'I'm No Julia Hartley-Brewer' article. 

Hey, who knew feeding crocodiles could turn out badly?

Media Approved Conservatives can stay on the gravy train just as long as they're prepared to act as wedges keeping the Overton window in place, but as soon as they start expressing actual conservative opinions, they're right under the No 666.

There's a deeper issue here. The cucks in the Tory Party will want to ignore all this. Too much of a hot potato, you guys! But I'm guessing that, come the next election, the comrades at the RCGP will be busy trying to claim they're totes a non-partisan body.... that just happens to sound exactly like a Labour Party press release. The genius set at Tory HQ can neutralise these people now, or they can wait until they pile into '24 Hours To Save The NHS Part 2'.

But no: letting partisan hacks pretend to be objective servants of the people is what all the cool kids are doing these days!

Tuesday, May 28, 2019

It’s Arsemageddon!

Hey, everyone! There’s a leadership contest in a (still, just about) right of centre party, and you know what that means! Huge numbers of MSM drones who’d rather drink battery acid than vote ‘leave’ rushing into print to tell conservatives who they should vote for.

Lest anyone still be tempted to listen to these tools, let review what’s happened to some of their other icons just in recent weeks:

Judging by the (non) success of Chuckup Ummah's bold new CuK/TIG/WTF Party, it looks like he may not be the British Obama after all. The slobbering coverage in the MSM was certainly Obamaesque, but it turns out they even let non-media people vote these days.

All those softball interviews on TV, and the only thing that got changed was the channel.

Meanwhile, lovable mockney Jamie Oliver’s restaurant empire has collapsed. It turns out the most popular thing people ordered in his restaurants was a taxi so they could go somewhere with decent food.

Once again, the MSM loved, loved, loved! his phony baloney LARPing as a rebel sticking it to The Man. Meanwhile, in the real world, people who have to pay for their meals with their own money don’t want to shell out three figures for bland food with a side order of pretentious posturing.

And then there’s Naomi Wolf, who's recently proven just why the phrase ‘feminist historian’ makes nearly as much sense as ‘vegetarian steak’. The MSM have spent years trying to convince us she is a great thinker, but it turns out that she doesn’t even understand that some technical terms don’t necessarily mean what you’d think they mean.

 I’m sure someone tried to explain this to her, but she got all in his face when he used the phrase 'laymen’s terms’ instead of 'layperson's'.

To the point, all three of these frauds were hailed by the MSM as iconoclastic thought leaders shaking up the squares and all three, in their various ways, turned out to be losers. There's a lesson in there if the Tories wish to learn it.

Or not as the case may be.

Saturday, May 25, 2019

Empty Dress Quits Job

Don't be shocked, but the same cucks who landed us with an empty dress in No 10 are now busy trying to rewrite history to cast Terrible Theresa as some kind of tragic figure. Doesn't martyrdom require that you actually sacrifice yourself for something?

The defining feature of May's premiership has been the sheer vacuousness of it all, even to the very end. Consider this: in a speech of 948 words, the Useless One didn't mention any of the following:

Border Security

Law & Order


Legal Reform



In fact, what's worse is that she apparently couldn't even bring herself to say the word 'Britain' - all we got was a weaselly reference to the 'the country I love' (whatever that means).

Speaking personally, I can't help thinking that if you truly believe the British people are a bunch of bigots who need to be constantly harried by racial witchhunters, you don't actually love this country in any meaningful way.

For all the talk of muh ekwality the underlying assumption of Mayism was that us drones are too stupid to survive without an enlightened ruling class (hence: remainer). But where's this genius parked anyway?

Consider these lines:

For many years the great humanitarian Sir Nicholas Winton – who saved the lives of hundreds of children by arranging their evacuation from Nazi-occupied Czechoslovakia through the Kindertransport – was my constituent in Maidenhead.

At another time of political controversy, a few years before his death, he took me to one side at a local event and gave me a piece of advice.

He said, ‘Never forget that compromise is not a dirty word. Life depends on compromise.’

He was right.


This is what happens when everyone in politics treats everything before 1997 as ancient history.

Meanwhile, the rest of us drooling masses can recall that when it comes to the Nazis and Czechoslovakia there was, in fact, quite a famous compromise made. 

Even Chamberlain got the right answer eventually. Meanwhile, Theresa May still doesn't get it. To borrow Len Deighton's line about Chamberlain at Munich, she was determined to treat the EU as though it was a respectable organisation with good intentions, as she simply had no idea how to deal with it if it not.

Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Another £1,000 Note Left On The Ground

Like I keep saying, the weirdest myth in British politics is that Tory 'modernisers' are just staunch conservatives  forced by political reality to moderate their views.

Just no: any honest analysis of the squish wing of the Tory Party makes it obvious that not only are they not savvy political geniuses, but that they actually take leftist positions even where it means losing votes.

Consider Exhibit A.

Just to ram the point home: the police didn't 'fail to put the pieces together' or 'miss warning signs', they were fully aware that an active predator was grooming children and choose to act against the woman warning families to protect their kids. In effect, the police did all but keep lookout for a sexual predator.

Who the hell voted for this?  Answer: no one. Hence, why the snoot class had to pass the Human Rights Act and rely on the loose wording and their fellow snoots on the bench to do the rest.

Call it a hunch, but I'm thinking repealing the Pedophile Safety At Work Act might be a vote winner. Oh.... and also the right thing to do, if anyone cares about that anymore. So how come the Certified Super Geniuses at Tory HQ can't see this?

Actually, the real question is how come this is the one hill they will die on?

Ah well, this is indeed the Rosetta Stone of Tory moderniser rhetoric.  They're all about the electability, except for when that might conflict with their dinner party invitations.

That's their North Star around which all else revolves.

Our worthless elite, lacking any actual qualifications for elite status except for the arrogance and entitlement, define themselves entirely by opposition to the common morality.  Hence, they claim that the public's abhorrence for pedophiles is clearly proof of their crudity and lack of sophistication - and so they defend the kind of junk science that announces that 'Tom' is Certified Safe, even while he's stalking his next victims.

No, don't bother asking any of these staunch supporters of the rehab industry where they feel the balance lies between psychoanalytic strategies to rehabilitation and CBT-based approaches. They don't need to know anything about what they claim to support, they just know that the supporting phoney-baloney pseudo-science makes you a cut above the common rabble.

And that's how we ended up with an allegedly conservative party supporting the right of public servants to not only release a dangerous predator onto the streets, but to set him up in a free house next to a whole bunch of kids, stand by while he grooms his next victims and then use the law to stop anyone talking about it.

This kind of thing is why ordinary people now think this country doesn't work for them anymore. Hence, the rise of The Brexit Party. Meanwhile, the Tory modernisers are deep in the bunker, explaining how it's all down to dark money from the Russians.

Thursday, May 16, 2019

They Have No Idea Why This Keeps Happening....

Truly, Fat Dave Cameron is the gift that keeps on giving: now World Famous Moderate Muslim Sayeeda Warsi is pushing the crazed Islamist-inspired definition of Islamophobia (speaking personally, I prefer the Christopher Hitchens definition 'a word created by fascists, used by cowards, to manipulate morons.')

Lest we forget, that's Baroness Warsi, after Fat Dave decided the whole 'due diligence' thing was for squares. Still, at least his PC outreach efforts meant he was able to bring onboard rock-ribbed conservatives like Sarah Wollaston and Heidi Allen... say, does anyone know what they're doing these days?

You know, thinking about it, a guy could almost think those mean old bigots had a point. Maybe selecting professional victims and parachuting them into safe seats or the House of Lords isn't such a good idea after all? Not only are they hideously unqualified for the job, it turns out it's not even good politics.

Apart from that it was a brilliant plan!

Before they rewrite history, remember that this whole Diversity Uber Alles - and especially uber competence - thing was cooked up by the Certified Genius Class in London. The bumpkins were the ones who said it was a farce to begin with - and got called bigots for doing so. Now it turns out the hicks were right and the snoots were wrong, but don't ask them for any comment on this - they're too busy trying to work out why they're losing votes to The Brexit Party.

Monday, May 13, 2019

This WIll Not Work Out The Way They Think It Will

For proof of how deluded the snoot class is, consider that they really think the Andrew Marr interview with Nigel Farage was a win for them. 

That's problem number one right there. Captain Softball sights someone outside the bubble and suddenly he tries to go all Andrew Neil. It's gotcha! questions for the outsider and 'how do you feel' for the actual PM. Crap like this is why people voted Brexit in the first place. Folks might not have ever been on TV themselves, but millions face this kind of thing on a smaller scale every day.

The bigger issue is that this sort of thing rarely works anyway. We've been this way before in the 1990s. The British right went half mad trying to work out how a slippery conman like Tony Blair could get away with it. Couldn't people see that he and his entourage were the biggest collection of dysfunctional freaks outside of Arkham Asylum?

Actually, people could see it just fine, they just didn't care. Blair was at least prepared to pretend to address public concerns about things like the NHS and schools, while a Tory government full of smug, entitled prats acted like they thought these issues were kind of a drag, and all they really needed to do was come up with a few soundbites to bamboozle the ignorant masses, then they could get back to screwing over the country....

Say, why does that sound familiar?

Blair didn't hide his true nature from voters, they just didn't care. Blair convinced people he cared about the things they did while the Tories all but wore surgical masks and gloves every time they came within a country mile of actual voters. So it is now. The MSM can keep digging for 'The Truth About Farage' but people already know who he is and they also know he's their best bet of getting what they voted for. The snoots can dig up a tape of Farage snorting coke off a hooker's backside in Tijuana but the public only care that on the central issue of the day, he's right and the snoots are wrong.

Friday, May 10, 2019

The Ouroboros Must Be Fed

So, farewell then, Danny Baker, latest victim of the Offendotrons. 

Lest we forget though, this guy would gladly have piled on if it'd been anybody else. Behind the bogus cor blimey guv'nor facade, he's just another media liberal who found out too late that you can never be woke enough.

Curiously enough, I can't seem to find any articles about how this case raises wider issues about the dark side of remain voters and/or Corbynistas.

Meanwhile, it's D+8 and still no one's been fired over this (these guys are all about the equality)!

Hey, did you ever think the day would come when liberals would be outraged by people mocking the Royals? This is all further proof of my theory that the new left is just the old right. Angry of Tunbridge Wells has been replaced by Woke of Walthamstowe. If only Kenny Everett was alive today, just think what he could do with these guys?

Sunday, April 28, 2019

Speaking Truth From Power

Hey, Mail on Sunday: this is not going to go the way you think it will:
Police are examining sickening statements about child abuse made by a highly controversial Ukip candidate.
See, this is the thing: anyone who thinks Mr Plod should be spending his time investigating unregulated joking on Youtube probably isn't going to vote UKIP anyway.

Just a hunch.
Now a senior Ukip source has told The Mail on Sunday that they have passed a dossier to Wiltshire police containing deeply offensive remarks made by Mr Benjamin, an online ‘vlogger’ from Swindon who calls himself ‘Sargon of Akkad’.
A 'senior UKIP source' you guys! I'm assuming this the MoS's usual UKIP source, the famous Russian expat, Sergei Madeitupovitch.
The insider says the dossier was passed to Ukip’s ruling National Executive Council last autumn but no action was taken.
A 'dossier'. For a V-logger on Youtube.

So basically a list of links: that's the 'dossier'.

I don't think jokes should be illegal, but if they are, surely this kind of absurd self-dramatisation should be some kind of felony as well?

One question, Glen Owen of the Mail on Sunday: back when you were an ambitious young journalist, did you dream of the day when you would be breathlessly reporting on lists of Youtube links?
Other material studied by the police include a now-deleted 2015 video showing him repeatedly using the racial slurs ‘n****r’ and ‘sp*c’. He described two people as a ‘fag’ and a ‘retard’, and said it was ‘just f***ing fine’ to call an Asian woman a ‘ch*nk’.
Hey, this 'blogging' thing is going to get a lot easier if we can just randomly snip out words with no context whatsoever. Hey, let's do that right now:
Mail on Sunday journalist Glen Owen has written articles using racial slurs such as ‘n****r’ and ‘ch*nk
Why, oh why, is this racist allowed to write for a national newspaper?

Meanwhile, back in the real world:
[Labour MP Jess] Phillips later responded by suggesting she would take legal action, tweeting: ‘Oh I’ve just watched the clip of Mr Benjamin telling lies on a stage about me, so I think he’ll be hearing from the lawyers. Deary me.’
Y'know, an actual journalist would ask how this lawsuits going. How long does it take to issue a writ anyway?

Call me biased, but I'm thinking allegations that an MP thinks the death of her fellow citizens is a thigh-slapper are a little more serious than some wannabe edgelord making naughty jokes. That goes double if said MP is using bogus threats of lawsuits to try and silence her critics. But reporting on that would involve committing actual journalism, and who needs that? 

See, this is the thing: now the public has a real choice. If you're fine with the idea that alleged journalists should trawl Youtube for edgy jokes by uppity outsiders, while refusing to report on serious allegations about members of their little club, then go right ahead and vote for one of the legacy parties. Meanwhile, the rest of us can vote UKIP.

Thursday, April 25, 2019

Moar Facebook Ads! Stat!

Who'd have thunk it? Even the battered wives of British politics have finally had enough.

It's about time!

Hopefully, they're finally working out that the Tory Party is the least conservative organisation in Britain. That's not just a ideological judgement, its whole ethos is profoundly unconservative.  They talk about giving power back to the people and shrinking the government, but the Party itself is run more like a cult than an actual, conservative organisation.

If your organisation truly believes that the people best qualified to run a by-election in Cumbria are a bunch of metropolitan twerps in London, and everyone outside the M25 is a bigot or a bumpkin, yeah.... you're not actually conservative. Whatever their rhetoric in public, it's quite obvious that these people regard their membership as a bunch of chumps and suckers who just need to be bamboozled with a few targeted facebook ads and some gesture politics.

Right about now, the main role of the Tory Party in pushing conservative values is providing a counter-example. Like I said, Tory Central Office is a socialist's wet dream: a single organisation staffed with the alleged best and brightest, and the best software money can buy, micromanaging the whole party. So how's that working out?

Screwed up an election against McDoom

Scraped a win against the Ed Miliband Human Simulation Unit

Bungled an election against Islington Jesus

But at least there weren't any rubes from oop north involved! They might have screwed things up.

Meanwhile, the people who really did screw things up are still out there giving the proles patronising lectures about 'electability' and the like.

Finally, the Tory base has asked the vital question: what are we getting out of all this?

Sunday, April 07, 2019

Remoaners: The Wile E Coyotes Of Politics

Remoaners keep coming up with cunning plans to nail those pesky leavers, but every time they end up dropping the anvil on themselves. Take this latest example.

Yep, a supposed public servant stopping by to warn his employers 'nice leave campaign you got 'ere... be a shame if something were to 'appen to it'. 

Who knows?  Maybe he's reading his constitution upside down and he really does think the public are accountable to the police. Meanwhile, for the rest of us, some jumped up prat goose-stepping round  like the mutant hell child of Mary Whitehouse and Torquemada is pretty much the perfect example of why we need to drain the swamp.

Monday, March 11, 2019

About That Whole 'Deplatforming' Thing...

Just asking, but what percentage of people in the MSM who supported the deplatforming of nasty, old Tommy Robinson are now willing participants in 'The Shamima Begum Show'? 

Take everything Tommy Robinson has been accused of, multiply it by a hundred, and that's stuff ISIS literally did, but the MSM are interviewing this witch like she was Meryl with her latest movie:
"So, what first attracted you to role of accessory to genocide?"
"Well, you know, when my agent first mentioned it I was, like, terrorism in the Middle East, isn't that kind of a cliche, but once I got a look at the actual atrocities in the script, I was 'like, wow' I have got to do this."
Hey, at least Tommy Robinson made some actual points. There really was, and is, a de facto conspiracy to cover up for jihadist rape gangs. What point is Shamina Begum making? What does interviewing her add to the debate? 

Every single argument the MSM has ever deployed in favour of censoring right-wingers applies with swords, oak leaves and gold cluster to this hag, but instead the MSM is giving her endless softball interviews for.... reasons. 

They're not anti-extremism, they're just on the other side.

Sunday, February 24, 2019

Vote Snoot Party!

All week I've been trying to decide of it's ironic or just stupid that a group dedicated to permanent submission to Brussels calls itself The Independent Group?

Then again, given we have a Conservative Party that hasn't conserved anything, a Liberal Democrat Party that thinks votes don't matter, and a Labour Party that refuses to hire any one with a real job, it makes perfect sense. The only real surprise is that the Green Party isn't pushing to making driving a 4x4 compulsory.

Some will say that apart from the desire for permanent Euroserfdom the members of this group don't actually have a lot in common, but that's only true in terms of the surface stuff, like tax rates and the like. When it comes to the underlying worldview, they're all fully-signed up to the full range of Metropolitan prejudices. They really believe that the snoot class should rule by divine right and the rest of us are just the chumps who need to be occasionally bamboozled or bribed, and otherwise ignored.

In that sense, TIG are closer to reality than, say, Dominic Grieve. It's quite obvious M. Grieve and pals think this whole 'Referendum' thing is just a storm in a tea cup and once it blows over we'll return to snootocracy as usual - which is further proof that these guys are, propaganda to the contrary, just not that smart. Back in the day they could at least maintain the pretense that they respected the base, but now they've made it unmistakably clear that they regard actual conservatives as scum. For all their talk of 'extremism' and the need for compromise these people demand the right to disregard the views of 52% of the population and push through their own agenda. Finally, the conservative base has woken up and asked the vital question: 'what are we getting out of this anyway'?

Say what you like about TIG, but at least they're pushing their views honestly. We now have a party that accurately - and openly - represents the views  of the Snoot class. Now at last we can see if the public really finds Chuckup Umunna as compelling as the MSM does.

Sunday, February 17, 2019

ISIS Members To UK Gov: 'And We Thought We Were The Crazy Cult'

The MSM is still trying to convince us that the country's split on the question of whether or not to allow jihadist nut case Shamima Begum back in to the UK.

Seriously? What definition of 'split' are we using here? Are there any normal people buying this? Are there any people out there who might, say, ever vote conservative who are in favour of letting this nut back in?

So where are the Certified Mega Brains in the Tory Party anyway? They keep assuring us that they're totes conservative, you guys, it's just they keep having to push leftist policies for reasons of electability. Well, here's the electoral equivalent of a £1,000 note lying on the ground and they're nowhere to be seen.

The Tories could add 10% overnight just by telling this witch to shove it. Hey, even if they have to change the law... especially if they have to change the law. Do you think it might be interesting to get Islington Jesus on record re: the Screw You And Stay There Act (2019)? As far as Labour's base goes, this isn't a 'wedge' issue, it's a 'chainsaw with titanium teeth' issue. It would expose perfectly how the 'Party of the Working Man' has been hijacked by a deranged alliance between degenerate metropolitan snoots and Jihadists.

But no: Labour's off the hook. It turns out that the reason why the Tories so often sound like liberals is that..... they're liberals. Take away the odd quibble about tax rates and regulations on business and they're otherwise fully signed up to the Church of the Left, and most of all, its most sacred creed, the Gospel of the Open Borders.

It's one for the philosophers alright: jihadists want to blow people up, the Tories want to let them. Who exactly are the crazed fanatics here?

Saturday, February 02, 2019

Respectable Conservatives Are Trans-Smart

Like I keep saying, one of the weirdest myths in British politics is that the Tory Party is run by savvy super geniuses, while the conservative base are a bunch of shaved chimpanzees. Any rational assessment of how things actually work suggests the opposite is closer to the truth.

Take recent events: by now, just about everyone has weighed in on Humberside Police's attempts at literary criticism....

Oops... best make the everybody except the actual, paid, members of a party supposedly dedicated to small government and freedom.

Hey, this shouldn't be a tough one - even James Kircuck got it right - but, no, the Smartest People In The Room are hiding under the table whimpering.

Maybe they think it's a hot potato? Maybe they think there's a key demographic of swing voters who are ready to vote Tory but they're unsure whether they can trust the Tories to take a sufficiently hard line on unlicensed poetry?

Personally, I'm going out on a limb here, but I'm thinking anyone who is fine with the police pressuring employers to sack people who haven't even committed a crime is probably not a big supporter of individual rights.  Just a hunch. And then there's the fact Labour MPs have decided to run silent, run deep as well.

Normally, most Labour MPs need sedating to keep them out of a PC witch hunt, but suddenly they've all collectively remembered they've left the gas on at home. More to the point, our fearless watch dog media has also refused to question them about this. Jacob Rees-Mogg constantly gets asked the equivalent of  'who would win in a fight between Batman and Darth Vader' (except with abortions), but no one is prepared to ask Islington Jesus if a woman can have a penis.

Hey, this might be the House of Dumb but even I know that there's no 'LGBTQ community'. Don't be shocked, but it turns out that the 'L' aren't so keen on the idea that any girl who would rather wear Doc Martens and fix her bike than play with dolls and make up is clearly - clearly! - a boy trapped in a girls body.

I know, shocking, right? At least it is if you're an idiot or - apparently - a member of Humberside Police or the Tory top brass.

The theory seems to be that that the Tory Party can spend the next four years avoiding saying anything at all and win by default as long as Labour are being run by Comrade Trampski. Here's the thing though. It doesn't even make sense on it's own terms. The assumption is that Labour can't make up any ground on the Tories, but they did that just last week when the crime figures came out. They managed to push the narrative that rising crime was all down to the Tori Cutz.

Well, here's the reality: the police aren't short of resources, they just choose to use them to wage culture war. If Humberside has twice as many officers that would just mean they spent time digging up tweets from 2012. That's why there's no hiding place for the Tories. They can face the (mostly mythical) political cost of taking on the SJWs in blue or they can face the political cost of rising crime. Those are the only two options.

Monday, January 14, 2019

Extreme Extremists Being Extreme

Good post from Ace about the open borders lobby in the US:
Dave Reaboi makes different points than I have in mind, but he makes the basic point: all this shrieking about "character" by the neocons, liberal Republicans, and Establishment types is just some ideological camouflage to disguise the real objection to Trump, that is, that it's racist to oppose Open Borders.
They don't want to say that -- they believe it intensely, but they don't want to admit they share yet another key ideological premise with their close cousins on the globalist hard left -- so they pretend this is all about a rather small difference in free trade and the tactics to achieve actual free trade and, of course, about "character."
As in the US, so here: 90% of the time when the MSM and the political class - but I repeat myself- are warning about muh rising extremism they actually mean something more like 'rising opposition to open borders'. Hence why there's more chance of the Martians landing than there is of any MSM drone asking Tory MPs about this.

Lest we forget, these people are obsessed with cross-examining mainstream Christians like Tim Farron and Jacob Rees-Mogg about their beliefs. Failing to be sufficiently enthusiastic about random, anonymous butt sex strikes these guys as just crazy, but denouncing Europe as 'too white' is just common sense, init?

Wednesday, January 09, 2019

Wile E Coyote, Remoaner Super Genius

Uh oh...looks like the Remoaners have come up with another brilliant, totally guaranteed not to boomerang on them, plan. They're going to try and gin up a wave of public sympathy for damsel in distress Anna Soubry.

To say it is to debunk it. 

Even if you do buy this screeching harpy as some kind of victim, the plan requires the public to be completely unable to remember the numerous attacks on leave supporters. Hey, if calling people Nazis was a criminal offense, half the remoaners in the country would be on Death Row. Instead, Remoaners have spent years giving nodding and winking endorsements to the violent loons in their ranks. 

Apparently, not everyone deserves the same level of protection under the law, just like only some votes should count. Only those who the Remoaners judge worthy deserve the full benefits of citizenship.

See? Not like Nazi ideology at all.

Meanwhile, the rest of us have been given a reminder of just why we voted 'leave' in the first place.