Saturday, February 02, 2019

Respectable Conservatives Are Trans-Smart

Like I keep saying, one of the weirdest myths in British politics is that the Tory Party is run by savvy super geniuses, while the conservative base are a bunch of shaved chimpanzees. Any rational assessment of how things actually work suggests the opposite is closer to the truth.

Take recent events: by now, just about everyone has weighed in on Humberside Police's attempts at literary criticism....

Oops... best make the everybody except the actual, paid, members of a party supposedly dedicated to small government and freedom.

Hey, this shouldn't be a tough one - even James Kircuck got it right - but, no, the Smartest People In The Room are hiding under the table whimpering.

Maybe they think it's a hot potato? Maybe they think there's a key demographic of swing voters who are ready to vote Tory but they're unsure whether they can trust the Tories to take a sufficiently hard line on unlicensed poetry?

Personally, I'm going out on a limb here, but I'm thinking anyone who is fine with the police pressuring employers to sack people who haven't even committed a crime is probably not a big supporter of individual rights.  Just a hunch. And then there's the fact Labour MPs have decided to run silent, run deep as well.

Normally, most Labour MPs need sedating to keep them out of a PC witch hunt, but suddenly they've all collectively remembered they've left the gas on at home. More to the point, our fearless watch dog media has also refused to question them about this. Jacob Rees-Mogg constantly gets asked the equivalent of  'who would win in a fight between Batman and Darth Vader' (except with abortions), but no one is prepared to ask Islington Jesus if a woman can have a penis.

Hey, this might be the House of Dumb but even I know that there's no 'LGBTQ community'. Don't be shocked, but it turns out that the 'L' aren't so keen on the idea that any girl who would rather wear Doc Martens and fix her bike than play with dolls and make up is clearly - clearly! - a boy trapped in a girls body.

I know, shocking, right? At least it is if you're an idiot or - apparently - a member of Humberside Police or the Tory top brass.

The theory seems to be that that the Tory Party can spend the next four years avoiding saying anything at all and win by default as long as Labour are being run by Comrade Trampski. Here's the thing though. It doesn't even make sense on it's own terms. The assumption is that Labour can't make up any ground on the Tories, but they did that just last week when the crime figures came out. They managed to push the narrative that rising crime was all down to the Tori Cutz.

Well, here's the reality: the police aren't short of resources, they just choose to use them to wage culture war. If Humberside has twice as many officers that would just mean they spent time digging up tweets from 2012. That's why there's no hiding place for the Tories. They can face the (mostly mythical) political cost of taking on the SJWs in blue or they can face the political cost of rising crime. Those are the only two options.

Monday, January 14, 2019

Extreme Extremists Being Extreme

Good post from Ace about the open borders lobby in the US:
Dave Reaboi makes different points than I have in mind, but he makes the basic point: all this shrieking about "character" by the neocons, liberal Republicans, and Establishment types is just some ideological camouflage to disguise the real objection to Trump, that is, that it's racist to oppose Open Borders.
They don't want to say that -- they believe it intensely, but they don't want to admit they share yet another key ideological premise with their close cousins on the globalist hard left -- so they pretend this is all about a rather small difference in free trade and the tactics to achieve actual free trade and, of course, about "character."
As in the US, so here: 90% of the time when the MSM and the political class - but I repeat myself- are warning about muh rising extremism they actually mean something more like 'rising opposition to open borders'. Hence why there's more chance of the Martians landing than there is of any MSM drone asking Tory MPs about this.

Lest we forget, these people are obsessed with cross-examining mainstream Christians like Tim Farron and Jacob Rees-Mogg about their beliefs. Failing to be sufficiently enthusiastic about random, anonymous butt sex strikes these guys as just crazy, but denouncing Europe as 'too white' is just common sense, init?

Wednesday, January 09, 2019

Wile E Coyote, Remoaner Super Genius

Uh oh...looks like the Remoaners have come up with another brilliant, totally guaranteed not to boomerang on them, plan. They're going to try and gin up a wave of public sympathy for damsel in distress Anna Soubry.

To say it is to debunk it. 

Even if you do buy this screeching harpy as some kind of victim, the plan requires the public to be completely unable to remember the numerous attacks on leave supporters. Hey, if calling people Nazis was a criminal offense, half the remoaners in the country would be on Death Row. Instead, Remoaners have spent years giving nodding and winking endorsements to the violent loons in their ranks. 

Apparently, not everyone deserves the same level of protection under the law, just like only some votes should count. Only those who the Remoaners judge worthy deserve the full benefits of citizenship.

See? Not like Nazi ideology at all.

Meanwhile, the rest of us have been given a reminder of just why we voted 'leave' in the first place. 

Saturday, December 29, 2018

Doctor Who The Hell Is Still Watching This Garbage?

Spoiler Alert: the next episode of Doctor Who will feature The Doctor investigating the disappearance of large numbers of people - specifically the audience.

Mind you, judging by the public review scores on Rotten Tomatoes, the less people who get to see it the better as far as the BBC's reputation goes.

Meanwhile, MSM reviewers have eaten this up with a shovel. Or, to put it another way, people whose job it is to tell the public what programs are likely to be worth watching have been caught lying like rugs. I mean, they may all just be tasteless morons, but I can't help noticing that this only ever seems to happen to shows that push the liberal agenda. Equally, if there's no underlying political agenda here, how come they're so sure all the people who hate Doctor Woke are, like, total Nazis

Aside from anything else, this proves we really need a snappy word or phrase to describe the huge, great difference in review scores between woker-than-thou MSM drones and actual, normal people in these cases. How about Wokorrection Factor? Shills Gap? Scorechasm?

At this point, Respectable Conservatives usually roll their eyes and explain how it's just a kids show and conservatives should be concentrating on real issues, like tax breaks for megacorps and concreting over Britain. 

Well, back at you snoots: if it's just a kids show why have the left circled wagons round it? There are plenty of awful shows out there, why defend this one?

If the rise of Jeremy Corbyn proves anything at all, it's that politics is downstream of culture. You can't let kids spend hours a week watching liberal heroes take on a bunch of evil conservative caricatures, then expect to win them over at age eighteen with a few facebook ads. The left gets this in a way that too many allegedly brilliant professional conservatives don't.

Equally, it's a perfect example of who the MSM are. There are many complex issues in the world, this show is not one of them: it's just awful. All they had to do was review a TV show fairly but even nominally conservative outlets like the Daily Mail drank the kool aid. When you see how cravenly the MSM pushed this dumpster fire, you have the perfect metric of how much they have sold out their journalistic integrity for woke points.

Monday, December 24, 2018

Gatwick Plot Twist: The Police Are The Drones

Aka "Alexa What Would A Mr Bean Movie Directed By M Night Shyamalan Look Like?"

As I understand it, a major airport was closed down by an unknown number of flying objects, that may or may not be drones, and may not exist at all.

So I'm glad we got that sorted, and got focused on the real job: giving innocent citizens the Cliff Richard treatment.

Julie hits the nail on the head - is this really where the bar is now for the Filth?

If only Jose Mourinho had been lucky enough be assessed on the 'not actually committing a crime' performance metric. But no, back in the real world, people with jobs are expected to perform to actual, objective standards.

Meanwhile, in the best case scenario, we're asked to believe that - yet again - a senior police officer has been bamboozled by a random loony.

How long will we as a society allow naive, middle-aged police officers to be taken advantage of by smooth-talking nutcases? 

A vote of thanks too for the Umanrites industry. Yes, it *is* true that it's perfectly legal for police officers to destroy the lives of innocent citizens without even  basic due diligence, and that just about sums it up how useful the Human Rights Act is for real people.

Come to think of it, this point applies to pretty much the whole left. Innocent citizens have been subject to a home invasion, abducted and had their property trashed, and the left claims this shows how we need to clamp down on the people *reporting* on this. To put it at its mildest: overpaid thugs in blue victimising the innocent is not a convincing case against a free press.

The prize for Best In Show though goes to all the Filth Fanboyz out there sermonising about how the police have to investigate leads, when it's blindingly obvious that if any actual investigating had been done, it would have shown that these people were innocent after about five seconds.

Ditto - with swords, oak leaves and gold cluster - the argument that the police had to use harsh measures considering the seriousness of this case. That's literally the whole point. They weren't dealing with this case, they were doing the exact opposite. Every man hour and every pound spent (not) investigating the innocent is time and money not spent tracking down the real offenders - if indeed offenders there be. Police officers who claim to be investigating serious crimes when they're actually smearing innocent people are the moral equivalent of a hospital consultant booking bogus appointments in his diary then going off to play golf instead.

All of which brings me back to the central point. We now know from this case that all it takes is a bitter ex-girlfriend, cynical co-worker or even just a passing loon to make a phone call and twenty-five thugs in blue will break down your door. Meanwhile, the thugs concerned just have to make sure they don't get convicted of any offenses and they can stay on the gravy train all the way to a gold-plated pension. At least when the Chinese government charges families for the bullet used to kill their relatives, they hold a trial beforehand and only want them to pay for the one bullet. These guys break down your door at the drop of a hat then demand you support them for thirty years in retirement.

If the Tories want to know the real reason why so many citizens seem relaxed about a Marxist kook like Corbyn moving into Number Ten, it's that it doesn't seem such a big change when even a nominally conservative government is apparently fine with thugs in blue appearing on TV to sneer about how 'cooperative' their victims were. They feel confident to do this because they know that our castrato conservative party has implicitly accepted the idea that Britain should be like the first frame of an old Charles Atlas ad with the public as the seven stone weakling trying desperately not to catch the eye of the Big Bully State.