Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Social Justice Vs Real Justice: Choose One

For those few still wondering if things are really that bad in the Nu Police, consider events in just one force area, with these few links via Julia...

Yep, it's hard to have that much sympathy for this guy, but what's with this...
Sussex Police do not investigate such cases of fraud unless they class the victim as vulnerable.
Instead, they refer them to Action Fraud, which happened in this incident. 
Wait, what?  I mean, I know these guys are well paid, but I'm not sure Joe Public exactly considers robbing £32,000 to be petty crime

But let's cut them some slack. There's them there Tori Cutz! Plus the Internet is the Wild West de nos jours. How can we expect law enforcement to pour resources down the black hole of the online world?


Yep, plenty of resources to track down anyone who says 'Jehovah' apparently. It's not the cuts, they've made a choice to prioritise waging culture war over dullsville crimes with actual victims.

But I know what you're thinking! What if someone stole £32,000 off someone and called them a fag? Would they investigate then?

The answer's yes, but not if the victim's conservative. Ask Milo Yiannopoulos or Anne Marie Waters for proof of that.

The problem with all this is not just that replacing Dixon of Dock Green with Doxon of Dick Dream means there's no one left to do actual policing, or even that it allows girly hysterics like PC Princess to persecute the non-insane. The problem is that once any organisation has been fully captured by SJWs, the actual business of that organisation becomes a distant second to the need to push their own loony views.

Consider this:
POLICE knew that Robert Trigg had been present when two of his girlfriends mysteriously died in their sleep. At least two Sussex Police officers dealt with the deaths of both Caroline Devlin on 2006 and Susan Nicholson in 2011 but he was not suspected of killing the women for another five years, Lewes Crown Court heard.
Hey, who knows? He might be a criminal genius and a superb actor. I'm sure the police have nothing to hide...
Trigg’s trial over the two women’s deaths heard police investigators’ notebooks were no longer available and a video of Trigg’s first interview with police had also gone missing.
'Missing' in the normal people sense, or 'missing' in the Hillsborough sense? Actually, which would be worse? Absent corruption, we're dealing with a police service that can't manage to file things properly even when there's a suspicious death involved.

That's what happens when the SJWs take over. The requirement to believe the obviously ludicrous - like, say, that stealing £32,000 is petty crime but calling people 'fags' is super serious - is demoralising in both senses of the word. Who has the time to do real work when they have to keep up with the ever-changing list of things that must be either hysterically denounced, or fanatically defended? And so previously sane organisations start to resemble cults, complete with heretics, saints and martyrs.

Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Rubbing Our Noses In It

Nope, despite all reasonable suspicions to the contrary, the police haven't lost the plot. They know exactly what they're doing. They're doing the same thing as the bully in the old Charles Atlas adverts did,  kicking sand into the face of the public, or at least the conservative part of it.

The fact that the police feel free to demonstrate their contempt for half the country is a big deal, and all the more so when we have a nominally-conservative government. Who cares who's in Number 10 if every time you have to deal with actual public servants, they're a bunch of Milli Tant loons? To quote the great Mark Steyn, who needs a President For Life when you have a Bureaucracy For Life?

Equally, though, consider the position of the Amber Rudd wing of the Tory Party. These people - supposedly the smart ones - assure us that the conservative party can't do anything to drain the swamp. They claim the whole 'culture war' thing is very 80s and now conservatives just have to go along to get along...and that's how they romped to a landslide election win against Hobo Stalin!

Meanwhile, is there anyone who works more than five miles from Westminister who doesn't think kicking PC Nailpolish back out onto the streets would be a vote winner? To put it the other way: who exactly is this guy who is going to vote Tory but only as long as they make cops walk round in high heels? Someone track this guy down!

Thursday, August 17, 2017

'Troll' Means Nothing

At this point, surely everyone on the right now knows that a troll is just someone winning an argument with a liberal. This is why when the MSM reports a trolling atrocity story they never quite get round to covering what it is today's baby seal said to draw fire in the first place.

Consider this latest example. Nope, she wasn't 'asserting the ethnic diversity of Roman Britain', she was supporting the open borders obsessed BBC's ludicrous attempts to rewrite history by claiming that the father of a 'typical family' in Roman Britain would be black (as summerised in this YouTube video).

Now you see what the MSM is so reluctant to tell what she actually said! It doesn't get any better on closer inspection. Her evidence for Roman Britain looking like Brixton was that there was a Roman Governor who was born in Algeria. That's her 'typical family' - the Emperor's representative in Britain. That's like claiming the Pope is a typical Catholic priest, and never mind that Algerians aren't now, and certainly weren't then, black, or that, by the same reasoning, Cliff Richard, Rudyard Kipling, Joanne Lumley and thousands of other children of the Raj would be 'typical Indians'.

And then there's the point Nassim Nicholas Taleb made. As befits a genuine genius (rather than a phoney-baloney beneficiary of the left's Witless Protection Program), he asked the key question: if Roman Britons really did look like the cast of Zulu, what happened to the descendants of all these people? No matter what happened in the intervening period, there should be some trace of their DNA in Britain, and there just isn't.

This isn't a matter for debate. With the state of modern DNA science, you may as well claim that fossils are just random rock formations, but the same liberals who sneer at creationists, will seriously claim that mass mutation has somehow robbed millions of Britons of their ancestral DNA (and, what's more, somehow substituted it with that of other ethnic groups).

If anyone is a troll, it would be the fraudy-pants wacademic unleashing a mob of liberal lackwits on anyone who questions her junk history... especially when even the BBC has started to back away from its ludicrous claims. 

Wednesday, August 09, 2017

The New Left Is The Old Right

Good news everyone! The police have finally found a guy on Twitter they *don't* want to arrest. Apparently, sanity is slowly returning to British policing... unless there's something I'm missing?

Lest we forget, just three months ago, in the self-same force area,  there was this. Satirising a terrorist - who was apparently 'not a real Muslim' anyway - gets you the Apocalypse Now treatment, while frank support for racist violence is just a mild eccentricity, apparently.

I know what you're thinking: what if you wanted to split the difference and sing a song making fun of the rioters? Forget it: SJWs will let people try and gin up a riot with deranged conspiracy theories about police death squads, but they'll move like a shot to silence their critics.

They don't want equality, they want a new class system.

Sunday, August 06, 2017

It's Different When They Do It

The BBC is still struggling with the blowback after revelations over a so-called ‘gender pay gap’ in its wage structure. Personally, I think they’ve been harshly treated: whatever the difference in men & women’s earnings, at least pay rates were equal across the other 47 genders, so you know…

But this does raise the deeper point: the BBC has spent years claiming that any difference in pay or conditions between men and women, or black and white for that matter, can only be the result of bigotry, and furthermore anyone who disagrees is a huge Bigoty McBigot. Hence, why even rinky-dink little firms in Nowhereshire trying to recruit a night watchman need to put in a place a bloated formal process to prove their innocence, just in case some treasure hunting weasel trys it on.

Meanwhile, it turns out that liberals are recruiting each other for top jobs over lunch at the Groucho Club, more or less, and that’s just the way it is. Take Gary Lineker: he’s given the thick end of £2 million a year but they can’t tell you who else was considered for the job, who decided to hire him or what performance metrics he needs to achieve to get his contract renewed.

No wonder liberals are obsessed with the idea that the country is full of old school tie wearing Ruperts and Sebastians giving each other top jobs. Like the Third Law says, liberals always project.