Tuesday, February 11, 2020


Like I keep saying, the big difference in politics is that the left wants the right silenced, while the right positively encourages the left to speak at great length about they believe.

Take today's alleged controversy:  apparently, it's super outrageous that the Government is deporting foreign criminals. 


What definition of 'controversial' are we using here? Is there anyone outside of the fever swamps of the left who doesn't think this is exactly what HMG should be doing?

Being able to control who gets to live there is pretty much a basic requirement for being able to call yourself an independent country.

More to the point though, if liberals think even convicted rapists shouldn't be deported, in what sense do they not support open borders? Who exactly would they deport - aside from conservatives ?

Equally, if deporting scumbags strikes the left - and the cuckservatives - as an outrageously extreme policy, how come they keep pretending to support border security every time there's an election on? Wouldn't they be happy to proclaim their love of open borders from the roof tops right up until polling day?

But no: the left is so confident in open borders as a winning issue politically that they keep demanding any potential critics are silenced and shouted down. They're the voice of the people, providing no actual people are allowed to speak.

Hey, maybe that's the answer: we tell them we're not deporting criminals, we're just operating a nationwide 'no platform' policy.....

Wednesday, February 05, 2020

A Man Hired To Do A Job

An important point from the Great Steyn:
If these fine fellows were genuinely interested to know how Trump got elected, the quickest way to the answer would be for them to look in the mirror: Trump is a symptom of you. No Russians or Macedonians are required: it's because of you - the permanent governing class. If the only alternative to Hillary is Jeb, it's hardly a surprise that there's a stampede to the "Neither of the Above" box. And, if the only fellow waiting over there is Donald J Trump, so be it: that's on you.
All true, and true for Britain as well. Yes, there are a lot of folks who like BoJo personally, but what gave him his landslide was the public's exasperation with the snoot class. That matters right now because - having been proven wrong about just about everything as far as electoral strategy goes - the Tory Party's Smart Set have decided to start pushing the line that, sure, supporting Brexit and a reform agenda was a great way to get the chumps to come out and vote for you, but as far as actually going ahead and trying to change anything?

It's just too risky, you guys!

Best to go along to get along, rather than risk stirring up the swamp.

The trouble with that idea is that Boris Johnson was elected specifically because the public believed we might finally have a PM who aims to represent the people and control the government and not the other way round. To the point: whatever the political risks of pushing through meaningful reform, they're dwarfed by the risk of surrendering to the swamp creatures.

Thursday, January 23, 2020

The MSM Is The Typhoid Mary Of Politics

Congratulations to Jess Philips, who's become the latest member of the Ex-Future Prime Ministers of Britain Club. She joins such luminaries as Rory Stewart, Chuckup Ummah and Ken Clarke.

Just like the old line about the operation being a complete success but the patient dying, they all managed to win the support of Fleet Street, but lost the whole rest of the Monopoly board.
It’s the kind of thing that’s rather easier to say when you know you’re not going to win the contest – she had failed so far to secure any nominations from affiliated organisations including trade unions or from constituency Labour parties, which suggested that the membership was not particularly enthusiastic about her, despite apparently recognising her more than rival Lisa Nandy.
Say, it's almost like her media coverage was completely out of proportion to her actual support.

And then there's this bit:
The absence of [support from the shop worker's union], plus information the campaign had gathered privately about the membership’s response to Phillips, meant it wasn’t right to carry on.
Heh. Wouldn't you like to be a fly on the wall at that briefing? I'm guessing she went full Downfall.

But at least her campaign bowed out with dignity and didn't resort to cheap attempts to try and spin her as a victim.

Just kidding!
In a candid video message to supporters the 38-year-old, who has been subjected to horrific abuse from Corbynistas online over the past year or more, admitted that she could not bring the various wings of the party together.

Monday, January 20, 2020

The Brie Larson Of British Politics

Yes, my friends, it is a blow that our girl Dianne Abbot isn't standing for the Labour leadership, but we're not liberals, we can take the rough with smooth and look on the bright side. Just think about the hole the MSM has now found itself in. MSM poster girl Jess Philips is standing for the leadership and suddenly the MSM is faced with either doubling down on its refusal to actually cover this psycho properly, or alternatively admitting that they've spent years covering for a sleazy snoot in socioeconomic blackface....

Yep, that's Fact Number One that the media never reports: working class heroine Jess Philips is in reality the daughter of a former second in command of the entire NHS. She didn't climb her way up from the streets, she just got the concierge to order the Express Elevator for her.

Her whole CV is like that, but instead of holding her to account, the MSM has actively run interference for her.

Hey, you can't even get anyone in the MSM to ask how that lawsuit is going...

BTW, watch the original footage and decide for yourself if this someone who takes issue like male suicide seriously.  

Heartbroken, she is, clearly! 

Fortunately, now the spotlight is on her, even the MSM's ability to cover for Princess Fraudypants is breaking down. Take a look at this.

Yep, somehow our savvy watchdog media failed to find anything suspicious in the tortured form of words used on her website or question her constant references to her made up degree. They were probably too busy stalking Youtubers.

All of this does raise a few questions though: firstly, what's the academic equivalent of stolen valour?

Stolen study?



Also, how the hell do you fail a degree in public sector management? It's not even a real subject!

There's certainly no evidence of any actual management in the real world public sector. Come to think of it, in so far as she bailed out with the job half done then lied about it to anyone who asked, I'd say she was perfectly qualified for a job in the public sector.

But the real question is this: now she's been exposed as a fraud (again), just how are her friends on the MSM going to spin her as the victim this time?

Thursday, January 16, 2020

World War Cancelled Due To Lack Of Interest

The more time goes on, the more obvious it is that when members of the Foreign Affairs division of the snoot class talk about the dangers of Donald Trump's foreign policy, they chiefly mean the dangers to their own generous sinecures.

Just two weeks ago we were assured the world was on the brink of war after the US - for totally no reason whatsoever - killed a high-ranking member of the Iranian government (who just happened to find himself in a country where the US embassy had just been attacked and a US citizen killed).

Now? Not so much. 

Just as with North Korea and the China trade talks, the dim bulb lout Trump has somehow managed to handle the situation far better than the certified members of the Guild of Foreign Policy have managed in decades. Who knew the New York property developer would have a better grasp of brinkmanship than the snoots who spend their days writing 5,000 word articles for The Economist titled 'Where Now For Ghana '?

None of this matters though. The snoots have decided that Trump is a dangerous moron and they need to say it at every opportunity - which is one more thing they've got wrong. They think calling Trump an idiot on TV is a devastating rhetorical point even as it becomes ever more clear that most of the foreign policy establishment couldn't predict an outbreak of heavy drinking on New Year's Eve. The whole reason why people voted Trump is summed up in a snooty governing class explaining why even people who has been consistently wrong about everything are nevertheless way smarter than loser schlubs like the President of the United States.

Like I said at the time, the real revelation in Ambassador Sir Kim Darroch's leaked reports wasn't that he was another Never Trumper from central casting, it was that he was so tediously predictable about it all. He's our representative to our most important ally and so, allegedly, our best and brightest, and he sounds like he's doing Open Mike night at the local comedy club. Hey, that Donald Trump's so stoopid, am I right?