Wednesday, July 08, 2020

They Hate You

Tucker Carlson's show on Fox is now generating the highest ratings in cable news history. I can see why: look at this bit where he takes on the left's flex towards identity politics

Yep, that's the really key thing about it all. The left hasn't just down-played actual inequality in favour of loopy conspiracy theories - talking about 'white privilege' instead of actual privilege. The left has now actively turned against the people it used to represent, using identity politics to provide a wafer-thin level of plausible deniability.

That's true in Britain too. There's a reason why of all the white football managers in all of the world, race-hustling bum Raheem Sterling chose to slime Stephen Gerrard. He knew what the MSM wanted and that's why they were happy to run with a smear that could have been debunked with a five second google search (BTW, isn't being able to spread provably false racial atrocity stories without suffering any consequences whatsoever also a form of privilege)?

It works the other way too, hence why Home Counties rich kid turned filthy rich tax exile Lewis Hamilton is now a leftist icon. He's sticking it to the man - specifically, the tax man, but as long as he comes out with the right amount of inflammatory drivel about the proles in the cheap seats liberals will hail his heroism.

That's true at a corporate level too. There's an almost perfect relationship between how woke a corporation is and how sleazy its corporate affairs are. Back to football again: the football authorities are super woke, meanwhile the folks building the stadiums for the next World Cup are treated as all but slaves (I bet Raheem is going to get right on that).

The modern left is all about using bogus claims of racial inequality to justify doing absolutely nothing about  actual economic and social  inequality.

Wednesday, July 01, 2020

This Is Why Labour Can't Win Elections

If you had Theresa May in the 'Strange New Respect' sweepstake, collect your winnings: she's the latest Tory that the MSM has suddenly decided is a far-sighted visionary (now she's started attacking conservatives).

Personally, I'm pretty sure that pointing out that someone lacks the very special expertise of our foreign policy establishment may not be the killer point the usual suspects think it is. These are the people who turned Libya into a hell hole, tried to get us into Syria on the same side as ISIS and want to hand over our infrastructure to China. Basically, they're the Typhoid Mary of foreign policy. Not being in their little club sounds like a good thing to me.

Apparently, I'm not the only one, hence why BoJo got a huge majority - unlike certain people I could mention.

And all this is without considering the wider issues. Isn't the Labour Party's position pretty much the literal opposite of what their founders believed? Now the People's Party is claiming that, sure, you proles can go and vote for whoever you want, but the really important stuff needs to be left to our new aristocracy, like His Grace, Mark, Duke of Sedwill.

No one knows who these people are or how they got their jobs or even who they think they're accountable to. Apparently, paying a huge pile of cash plus a solid gold pension to civil servants, no matter how terrible they are at their job, is now a permanent feature of British life. Freedom of speech and equality under the law are disposable, but paying money to snoots is part of what makes us a civilised nation.

If the PM can't replace a useless civil servant, who can? Seriously, if we had any working journalists in this country they'd ask Starmer about this: just who can fire one of these guys? What would be a sacking offence?

Nope, Labour has supported all manner of PC witchunts against regular Joes, but the People's Party has  now thrown a ring of steel around the snoot class, yet somehow they keep losing elections. 

Monday, June 22, 2020

Access Media: 'Hate Speech? Never Heard Of It!'

Personally, I think 'hate speech' is a ludicrous concept - and, yes, some speech can encourage crazy people to do crazy things, but the operative word here is crazy! Some people think God is speaking to them via the weather forecast, that's not an argument for censoring the Met Office.

Still, you know who disagrees with all that? Raheem Sterling for one. He's convinced that every time some fat slob in Row XX shouts racist abuse at him it's both a cause and an effect of a deeper evil in British society. 

Yes, indeed, Fatso T Nobrain might never have been elected Dog Catcher, but all he needs to do is scream abuse at a grossly overpaid prat on the pitch and suddenly he's King Of All The White Men.

As it happens though, we've just had three white people stabbed to death in Reading just hours after St Raheem's friends at Black Lives Matter held one of their rallies. Coincidence? 

Well, hey, like I say, I'm a free speech maximalist so I'll defend the right of even obnoxious tools to spread stupid, racist conspiracy theories, but how about a bit of sauce for that goose? Any chance anyone from the MSM will ask St Raheem how all this meshes with his constant sermonising about the dangers of hate speech? If some guy shouting abuse at an overpaid celeb can provoke racist violence, how about thugs pushing deranged racist conspiracies? How about the aforementioned celeb using his media profile to push the same theories? Does that have any effect?

At all?

Nope, the same media cucks who hailed St Raheem's heroism - heroism in the sense of denouncing fat losers - have suddenly decided that hate speech doesn't exist after all.

Tuesday, June 16, 2020

It's Not About Slavery....

Things I never thought I'd say: someone made a really good point on Twitter the other day.

It was about all the race-hustling celebs preaching about muh slavery. Right now, the closest thing we have in the world to industrial-scale, institutionalised slavery is what happens in Chinese labour camps...

You know... that country where huge numbers of western companies have outsourced their production to. 

You know... the companies that sign huge sponsorship and merchandising deals with prominent sportsmen and celebs, like Raheem Sterling, Lewis Hamilton and John Boyega... 

Never mind the 'legacy of slavery' - people are profiting from slavery, right now.

Hey, they're outrageously outraged against slavery? How about turning down the cash? Sterling is on £150K per week at Man City - I think he'll get by on his salary alone. Take a stand, Raheem!

And then there's all the alleged 'journalists' in the Access Media who never quite bring this up... maybe Chairman Xi has a camp we can outsource the MSM to?

Friday, June 05, 2020

Grandma Got Run Over By A Bandwagon

Good news, everyone! The MSM has finally acknowledged that you can oppose national house arrest without necessarily wanting to kill Grandma!

Hey, I wonder what's changed? 

Call me a conspiracy nut but I can't help thinking there's something going on when thousands of violent lunatics are free to hold their brain-damaged version of a Nuremberg rally, even while the police clamp down on the real enemy.

Those guys should have claimed they were getting a short scissors cut to protest capitalism. As it is, working for a living is criminalised while violent nutters are free to do whatever. A guy could almost think the law depends on whether or not what you're doing helps the left push its demented agenda. .

But at least the MSM has finally found the true hero of the hour and he's both stunning and brave

He's risking his career, you guys. If there's one thing Hollyweird can't abide it's a guy spewing left wing talking points! They just won't stand for it.

Plus he's making a fearless stand against racism.... well, some racism anyway.

It's one for the philosophers alright  - if a guy's fine with black racism, and Chinese racism, but not white racism, isn't he just plain.... racist?

That's actually the key issue and it's not a small thing. The PC PCs at the Met inadvertently summed it up perfectly.

Yep, some guy get killed thousands of miles away and that's proof of the Grand Universal Theory of White Racism, meanwhile jihadists going on the rampage to try and kill as many Infidels as possible?

Just a 'tragic event'. One of those things you guys. No wider issues whatsoever.

As ever, Ace puts his finger on it:
Now, everytime there's an Islamic attack on US citizens, we're warned about anti-Islamic rhetoric, because that might lead to "backlash." Curiously, we're never cautioned about anti-American rhetoric which leads to Islamic attacks on US citizens, which you'd think would be the primary concern after a Muslim conducts a terrorist attack on US citizens.
Is the media cautioning the "protesters" calling for "pigs" to be slaughtered about the effect their rhetoric might have?
It means something when the same police who go in mob handed against a seventy year old white guy ignore a gang of thugs on the rampage. Specifically, it means we're being asked to accept that there are multiple grades of citizenship.

It says a lot about how useless the Tory Party is that none of its MPs seem alert to this ideological evil.