Tuesday, April 28, 2015

About That Wasted Vote Thing...

Remember, waste a vote on UKIP and you might end up with a government that appoints leftist culture warriors to key jobs.

At risk of stating the obvious - obvious to anyone except our nation's professional conservatives anyway - this isn't a minor matter. The Press Regulator is in a position to help choke off debate on any topic liberals find unhelpful. Anyone think guys like this are going to be supportive of the paper that breaks news of the next Rotherham?

Expect more reports on the heroism of Comrade Ogilvy.

This is the perfect example of how the excuses for Cameronism rely on completely inverting cause and effect. We're told the culture has drifted leftwards so the Right needs to abandon the culture war and get with the program. The truth is pretty much the opposite. The left understands that in terms of ability to shape the culture, guys like this have far more power than the average backbench MP, but the Smartest People In The Room keep pretending that the right just needs to flip a few more red seats blue and we'll enter a new Golden Age.

Thursday, April 23, 2015

What This Election Is Really About: UKIP Vs TVP

Hey, it's great to be back! I've been tied up these past few weeks working with Thames Valley Police's Hypothetical Crimes Division. All their cops were busy dealing with non-existent hit & runs, so I had to pitch in to help investigate the theoretical case of an 80 year old widow who would totally have been tortured to death by home invaders while the police were too busy shaking down motorists to respond. If this case had actually happened then the gang concerned could potentially have been very dangerous, but fortunately there's now a reciprocal arrangement in place whereby the police raise revenue and HMRC provide a SWAT team so you can rest assured your government is right on top of all forms of speculative homicide.


No, just kidding! There's nothing theoretical about Thames Valley Police prioritising shaking down drivers while letting serious criminals run free.

Apparently, Sgt498 was not available for comment.

When it all comes down to it, that's what this election is really about. We've had a nominal Conservative in No 10 for five years and we've still got Socialist Workers in uniform strutting round shouting 'Oh, I suppose you want to murder children do you, Adolf Businessman? Right? RIGHT'?

Meanwhile, mention the Molesters of No Appearance and these guys suddenly turn into Nuance Squad. They take out an onion for pretendey deaths on the road, but real kids being molested? That's a toughey. Who's to say? We'll get back to you on that.... sometime.

Just on it's own all this would be an indictment of the legacy parties, but there's a bigger issue here. No one voted to pay SJW tossers in uniform to campaign - in both senses of the word - against motorists, and we certainly didn't vote to redraw the law on rape. It was the left's Common Purpose cultists in uniform who did all that, just like their fellow travelers in the rest of the public services have pushed the left's agenda in their jobs, and they'll keep doing it until they're stopped. Right now only one party out there that is promising to do anything about rooting them out and restoring actual accountability to the public services. Free clue: it isn't the one that just spent the last five years insisting that it's the non-rapist protecting side of the political spectrum that's extremist.

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Quote Du Jour (Now With Extra Lunacy)

Old, but still true:
The auto-destruction of the Conservative Party began before Dave even won the leadership, when Theresa May announced the “modernising” agenda to the party conference. Addressing a hall full of people who had taken time off work or used up holiday entitlements, the kitten-heeled harridan strutted the stage as she told them that if they harboured all the instincts and principles traditionally regarded as Tory: “There is no room for you in our (sic) party.”
Her assumption that the Conservative Party belonged not to her audience and supporters in the wider community but to the platform party of ministers and their sycophants first exposed the fatal sense of entitlement that has brought the party to the verge of dissolution.
Yep, the Tory face cards all claim to abhor Big Government but they really do think the man in the street is a knuckle-dragging moron who needs to be watched like a hawk. Strangely however, it always turns out to be members of Cast Iron Dave's Nu Elite who get caught coming out with deranged anti-Semitic conspiracy theories.

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Palace Eunuch Rages At Peasants

Hah - and people said my plan to slip sodium penthol into the water supply at Tory HQ wouldn't work!

When these guys talk about political parties, they mean they should be run as though they were an actual party, a chintzy soiree in North London full of dreadfully witty luvvies, with the only normal people there either serving drinks or kept in a glass display case in the centre of the room.

It's not as if they can claim this guy isn't a total insider either - just in case the absence of any of the standard girly outrage from the usual suspects didn't tip you off. This is what they really believe.

This has always been the enormous black hole at the heart of the Scottish 'No' campaign. Like this guy says, we've had a campaign supporting Britain run by people that don't actually like Britain. He's right that the left doesn't like Britain but the Parris wing of the right doesn't actually like the British.

All the things that make Britain great are things the left opposes. Maybe the Scottish Referendum wasn't the best place to point out that 'An Englishman's home is his castle' but the underlying point gets to the heart of it all. The left is much more comfortable with Continental style government, where the citizens are subject to the whims of a permanent ruling class.

What made Britain great was that the citizens were free to pursue their lives as they saw fit, secure in the knowledge that neither their liberty nor their property could be arbitrarily seized from them. Equally, if you believe that it is the proper role of government to re-engineer society in pursuit of utopia then then idea of limited government constrained by a strong constitution is a problem for you.

The left's hatred of Britain at least has some kind of intellectual basis to it, repellent as their vision of the citizen as a near-serf is. With the Parris wing of the right it's far more squalid. Even these guys know that you could probably pick names randomly out of the Clacton phone book and still come up with people who could explain conservatism better than any of these frauds. Hence their obsession with Political Correctness aka an ever-expanding list of criteria to distinguish between their own enlightened selves and the mindless barbarians with real jobs.

Thursday, September 04, 2014

No, 'Technology' Isn't Killing The MSM....

Is it just me or does it seem like the MSM is more upset about JLaw's nudey photos being hacked than about 1400 rapes in Rotherham?

I don't recommend holding your breath waiting for any MSM articles about how the hacker was clearly disenfranchised by society. Plus the MSM didn't spend a decade claiming that anyone who said there were hackers out there was clearly some kind of technophobic lunatic.

Ace of Spades blog makes an important point here (as well as pointing out another case the MSM is desperate not to report). The repellent thing about the MSM's slippery reporting is not just the point blank refusal to cover certain stories, but all that combined with a determination to ram other stories down our throats as disturbing insights into the dark heart of our society.

The MSM published millions of words of agonised opinionating over whether or not the police were 'insensitive' to the family of Stephen Lawrence, but now we have a case where, amongst other things, evidence in a rape case was lost and the MSM reports that like it's just one of those things. Could happen to anyone. Probably down the back of the sofa. Let's just draw a line under it and move on.