Thursday, December 03, 2020

Cuckservatives Find A Dung Heap To Die On

Hey, I'm so old I remember when the cuck wing of the conservative movement couldn't go five minutes without talking about the vital vitalness of 'electability'. Once Fat Dave started his reign of error in 2005 there was no stopping these people from lecturing everyone on how important it was to ditch any actual conservative policies in pursuit of electoral success. Actual conservatives had to get with the program, you guys, and realise this wasn't the hill to die on (where 'this' meant any actual conservative policies whatsoever). 

Well, it turns out a funny thing happened just recently: I believe the technical term for this is an 'open goal' where are the squishes? If winning votes is your thing, deporting homicidal lunatics would seem to be just the ticket.

Hey, free clue wets: there's a reason why it's the crazy wing of the Labour Party which has taken up this cause while Sir Keir is busy hiding under the stairs. Labour could always introduce a manifesto commitment to protect the rights of Persons of Homicide but, strangely enough, they're happy to outsource it to Mr Justice Crazypants and the rest of the unelected freaks on the bench. 

Nope, the non-insane parts of the Labour Party know they're juggling nitroglycerine. Deporting felons is not just the right thing to do (duh) and also a vote winner (duh), it's also the perfect example of why people gave the Tories an eighty seat majority in the first place. Nobody voted for violent lunatics to be given an Access All Areas pass to Britain, it was just one more thing the snoot class managed to sneak into law via phony baloney, non-adversarial lawsuits between activist lawyers and pro-open borders government departments.  Now, at last, the left is being forced out of the closet and made to stand up and state openly what they've always believed ('Open Borders Uber Alles'). 

I don't think it'll go well for them... except the cucks seem desperate to let them off the hook. As Meatloaf would say, they would do anything for electability, but they won't do that. Everything else is up for grabs, but deporting killers? That's just so dreadfully suburban!

Monday, November 23, 2020

The MSM: Speaking Truth From Power (Part 2,457)

Lest we forget, long before the WuFlu made it obvious, British academia was already dominated by woke nonsense. The evidence is all over the place, but the undoubted winner of Best In Show is the rehab industry, a train wreck mash up of Marxism, New Age lunacy and the weirdo obsessions of a small group of privileged upper-middle class brats. 

How full of it are these people? Even they don't believe their own doctrines, at least to judge by cases like this. 

Two things virtually all criminologists agree on: escalation - meaning that over time this type of offender will commit more and more serious crimes - and, linked to this, that cruelty to animals often acts as as a gateway to committing the same type of crime on human victims. 

All of which is by way of saying that this is a potentially extremely dangerous individual and so, naturally, the police have done.... what? 

Don't ask the perfessional journaljismers! They've given it the memory hole treatment - no doubt influenced by the Protection of Sadistic Creeps Act (2019).

But wait... I just checked and there's no such act. No one ever voted for this. If it's true that the loony card is being used to let dangerous savages walk free then that's surely something the public has the right to know. 

Apparently, justice *doesn't* need to be seen to be done, after all, just as long as it involves muh mental 'elf.  

Local journalism is super important, you guys, but just not the type that involves reporting stuff. 

We should totally give these guys a bail out!

Hey, I might not be a Certified Member of the Order of Journalists, but I'm thinking that a bloodthirsty maniac walking the streets might actually make a better story than, say, painting gorillas (no, seriously). 

Sunday, November 08, 2020

Britain's Second Worst Historian Has Some Very Deep Mind Thoughts

Everything might be going to Hell right now, but at least we can look back on the good old days when Britain's elite were at least *actually* elite. 

Oops... guess the left won't even let us do that.

You know, for an unbiased organisation, it's surprising how whenever Beeboids come out with some deranged theory, it's always deranged in the self-same way. First we had the Countryfile bimbo explaining how the countryside was totes racisss you guys and now this:

BBC historian Lucy Worsley has said the Battle of Waterloo should not be trumpeted solely as a 'British victory' because of the firepower brought by European allies.

She said the Duke of Wellington deliberately glossed over the role the Prussian army played in helping defeat Napoleon in 1815 in order to boost morale back home.

Huh? Napoleon had been utterly beaten and was doomed to die in exile. How much more of a boost did it need? 

But you read on and find out that she has Captain Hook's grasp of history:
Worsley said that Wellington's first cable back to London all but whitewashed their involvement
"Cable".In 1815. 

Did he follow it up with a Livechat on Youtube?

And it gets better:
She said: 'The European allies referred to the battle as the Belle Alliance and saw it as a European collaboration, but from the earliest dispatch sent back to Britain after the battle, Wellington was calling it the Battle of Waterloo after the place it was fought, playing down the collaborative nature of the victory.' 
Yes, he called the battle after the place it was fought, the fiend! 

Wait until someone tells her the Battle of Jutland didn't actually take place on the Jutland peninsula. 

It's the tip of the iceberg, girl!

Meanwhile, back in the non-insane parts of the world, the casual observer is free to note how carefully any Germanic influence has been edited out of this famous painting.

Literally everyone who has even a passing familiarity with the battle knows how it all came down to the ability of the Anglo-Dutch forces to hold on until the Prussians could arrive. Asking how the battle would have gone without the Prussians is like asking how D-Day would have gone without air superiority. If it hadn't been for the Prussians then the battle would not have been fought that way in the first place. 

Seriously, if there was any justice in the world this daft bint would be banned from calling herself a historian until she can find at least ten people who can name either of the two sets of buildings used to anchor the allied position but don't know about the Prussians. 

Mind you, ludicrous, provable, inaccuracy has never been a problem for the country's worst historian (and fellow BBC favorite) Mary "Typical Roman Family" Beard

Saturday, October 31, 2020

Lucy Lockdown Totally Won't Pull Freedoms Away This Time Charlie Brown

If you were watching TV tonight you’ll have had the chance to see professionals at the top of their game do what needed to be done under difficult conditions – unless you foolishly turned over from the football and watched the clown show at No 10 instead.

Honestly, at this point I’m so jaded I can’t even remember which of the Doom Brothers is the actual Prime Minister. Whitty or Vallance? Who cares? They’re basically clones anyway.

Nope, my mistake: it’s actually the Blonde Bumshell that’s PM, so basically the job of balancing the scientific advice – we’re all going to die -  with the wider needs of the country falls to a guy who hasn’t yet mastered use of the condom.

I take it all back: we are doomed!

At least we’re doomed unless we have a lockdown – you know kind of like the three week lockdown we had from March until July, except more so. It’s kind of a Spinal Tap lockdown this time – it goes to 11 so it’s bound to be better.

It turns out Lockdown 1.0 wasn’t a True Lockdown, in fact True Lockdowns have never been tried… sort of like communism, except under communist systems you have to queue to get into the shops, you can only buy the bare essentials once you’re in there and the media is a mere government mouthpiece endlessly parroting the party line even if they were saying the complete opposite the day before.

So, you know completely different.

Honestly, at this point we may as well have elected Dear Ol’ Jezza. True, there’s the whole ‘anti-Semitic lunacy’ thing but given how much effort 77 Brigade is putting into pushing the meme that the lockdowns would totally have worked except for evil rebels, it can only be a matter of time before the Government starts ranting about sabotage by either the Kulaks or the Jews – and given no one knows what a Kulak is, it’s not looking good for Maureen Lipman.

Apparently, BoJo is pushing his own version of the Third Way: all the downsides of Marxism but with Crony Capitalism too!

On the plus side, BoJo has generously held out the olive branch of allowing people to celebrate Christmas relatively normally – and, seriously, isn’t this why everyone votes Conservative? They want a government with a laissez faire approach to Christmas Dinner?

This is how far we’ve fallen since 1990: from freeing people to decide which school Junior goes to, to freeing people to decide who to invite for Xmas lunch.

At this point, I like to think the delay in the press conference starting today was down to BoJo being like Professor Gill in the infamous Star Trek episode 'Patterns of Force' with Matt Hancock desperately trying to get him stoned enough to come out with this garbage (also, that does mean some passing aliens might take pity on us and intervene. After all, the Prime Directive only holds for vibrant, living cultures and we sure aren’t that anymore). 

And that’s not the worst of it. The Usual Suspects – hello 77 Brigade – are busy pushing the line that the only problem with our three-week March-July lockdown was that it finished too early and allowed the virus to spread in ‘Eat Out To Help Out’ August.

So, you know, what’s coming next!

New Year, New Lockdown!

They’re not even hiding it. Look at this:

 I am confident we will feel very different and better by the spring

Feel very different and better’?

Seriously? That’s their offering: ‘you’ll get used to it’.

Apparently, you’re a conspiracy nut if you wonder what exactly they mean when they talk about a ‘New Normal’ and ‘The Great Reset’ but, BTW, expect the government to be regulating who you can have stop by for tea ad infinitum.

That’s how effective lockdowns are! You just need to keep them in place for ever and everything will be fine! Or maybe not. Who knows? Who cares? Not BoJo, and not Whitty or Vallance, or any of the MSM drones. They’re making out like bandits, the rest of you can go to Hell. 

Tuesday, October 27, 2020

The Pitch Is Grass, The Campaign Is Astroturf

I'm so old I remember when the left was outragously outraged by undeclared political donations and secret backroom deals - but that was then and this is now. 

This is just proof that if you want to know what the left is up to, look at what they claim the right is doing, then double it. They've spent years claiming the right is secretly piling up the roubles, meanwhile they're secretly using licence payer's cash to fund a phony-baloney campaign fronted by a multi-millionaire. 

This - this - is what they want to make 80 year old widows pay for. 

How about advancing the cause of social justice by making millionaires pay for their own publicity? Or at least ask him if he'll donate any future endorsement or sponsorship deals to charity? 

Meanwhile, the BBC is claiming to be reporting impartially on a campaign their own people have helped push. Conflict of interest doesn't really cover it.... but if you doubt the political motivation of it all recall this: Markey-Mark was born in 1997. In other words, his years of hunger were under Nu Labour. By the time the Evil Tories came in, he was already embedded in the academy system as a youth player.  

Now when was the last time they mentioned that?