Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Crocodile Feeding Expedition Ends Much As Expected

This sounds awful!

They should write to their MPs.

Hey, I'd be more sympathetic, but the clue is in the question: if MPs can be victimised with impunity, what does that say about how less well-connected people on the right are likely to be treated by law enforcement, or the likely career prospects of openly conservative police officers?

It's the same in the rest of the public sector. As it happens, there are 316 Conservative MPs right now, so that's about 300 more than there are conservative professors in the whole of academia. How about schools? Even the Guardian (!) is worried they're too much of a monoculture. And so on.

Enough with the sob sister stuff, what do they want to do to actually drain the swamp?

Ah yes, that is the root of the problem. If Theresa May is known for anything at all - aside from blowing dead cert elections - it's her stupid 'nasty party' speech in which she threw the conservative base under the bus, parroting every libel the left has ever come up with against grass roots conservatives. The Nu Tories have spent years giving a winking, smirking endorsement to violence against supposed right-wing extremists. I mean, they're Literally Hitler anyway, right?

All that's changed now is that the chickens have come home to roost. The Tories forget the one iron rule of politics: a Nazi is just a conservative winning an argument with a liberal. 

Thursday, July 06, 2017

Liberals Always Push It Too Far

The Mighty Ann Coulter reports on last Friday's shootings in a New York hospital and you'll be shocked to hear just why the MSM told us more about the gun used than the actual killer.

Of course, when I say 'shocked' I mean for certain values of 'shocked', obviously. Clue Number Two was the absence of pretentious MSM think pieces about what these shootings say about Trump's America. Or, indeed, any reporting at all after the first six hours.

You need to read Ann to find out what's really going on:
There are mental illness shootings, gangland shootings, still-angry-about-the-divorce shootings and so on. Some immigrant murderers are mentally ill or criminals -- thanks to our excellent and extremely rigorous vetting system! But there are enough like Mr. Obotetukudo to qualify as their own category: the Disappointed Immigrant mass shootings.
The usual elements are: 1) immigrants from wildly different cultures, who have 2) unrealistic expectations about what their lives should be like in the U.S., combined with 3) an inability to achieve success in the U.S., and 4) a failure to grasp our customs -- often, even our language, typically marked by 5) a particular rage at women.
The same way girls from the Midwest come to New York City expecting to live like Carrie Bradshaw in "Sex and the City" (she was paying $700 a month for a $2,700 per month apartment, plus $40,000 on shoes), some immigrants seem to expect their lives in the U.S. to be like something out of "Dynasty."
And if all that is starting to sound a little familiar, here's the next line:
Bello, for example, declared bankruptcy in 2000 -- from one of the priciest towns in the world, Santa Barbara, California.
Zut alors! An entitled immigrant who believes it's his right to live in some of the world's priciest property, despite being completely incapable of paying for it himself? Who'd believe such a thing?

Expect the BBC to run a sob sister documentary on this guy in the next few months. 

Meanwhile, closer to home, the left has been so convinced that the Grenfell residents are the baby seals to end all baby seals, that they've lost all contact with reality. The left has managed to throw away any political capital they might have gained by filling the airwaves 24/7 with illegal immigrants raging in broken English about how angry they are that they might have to move to Camden or Hackney. 

Wednesday, June 28, 2017

The Only Rule Liberals Ever Recognise Is 'Who? Whom?'

Julia brings us up to the speed on the left's ongoing search for Baby Seals.

Disappointingly, it appears that St Edson, the martyr of Newham, had a number of packages in his throat when he died, and not in an Elton John kind of way (no doubt, the Guardian is planning to print a retraction any time now).

Still, as one door closes, another fire door opens and noted pyrotechnic expert David Lammy is going through Grenfell Towers conspiracy theories like Henry VIII went through wives.

Or maybe that was his successor, Henry VII?

Who knows? Not Dave, that's for sure! But you should totally trust him when he talks about burning times, flashover points and other things he saw on CSI Miami. 

Still, that leaves open the wider point: Dave's meta conspiracy theory, his Protocols of the Learned Elders of the Tory Party, as it were, is that the Government is lying about the death toll to prevent a riot.

Never mind the absurdity of the charge, just think about the humbuggery of it. The left just got through claiming that you're not allowed to say our border security does a worse job than David Lammy's history teacher, otherwise you might make someone run over Muslims a year later, but now they're claiming to be outrageously outraged that the Government is supposedly withholding information to try and avoid a riot.

Hey, there's nothing theoretical about mob violence around Grenfell, but the same people who create Kennedy Assassination theories to explain why Nigel Farage should never be allowed to speak in public again are suddenly reborn as flinty crusaders for the public's right to know, and damn the torpedoes!

Monday, June 26, 2017

Technically, They Did Say They Were Against Inflammatory Rhetoric......

...They didn't say anything about inflamma-laboury rhetoric.

Apparently, Nigel Farage, Katie Hopkins and the Daily Mail are all responsible for some tool going crazy with his van, but the Guardian is just practicing responsible journalism when it comes out with stuff like this:
The family of a man who died following his arrest in London last week have demanded answers after the police watchdog said a postmortem contradicted their claim that he suffered a series of severe injuries.
So the evidence proves that they're lying liars, who lied, but the Guardian still makes them out to be concerned seekers after justice?


It's not even as if the left can claim not to understand the implications of what they're doing:
The watchdog said it was releasing those details because it was concerned about the “rapid spread of false and potentially inflammatory information” online about Da Costa’s condition.
I'd say we passed 'potentially inflammatory' sometime ago....

Then again, you can't say there isn't an element of poetic justice here: while the Guardian is trying to whip up an anti-police mob with phony baloney atrocity stories, the Filth themselves know who the real enemy is: losers on Facebook.

Wednesday, June 07, 2017

So Now We Know Who Clicks On Those 'Get Ripped In 6 Weeks' Ads On YouTube...

I'm sensing a real frustration amongst Respectable Conservatives right about now. They're wondering how Jeremy Corbyn can still be in the race with all his baggage. If you are one of those guys, I have some good news: I can show you how to find one of the guilty parties right now. Just go into your bathroom and look at the mirror. There he is!

They're wondering how people can vote for an out and proud Marxist. Well, why not? What does the average person know about the Holodomor, the Great Leap Forward or the Year Zero? Nada. Not only have Respectable Conservatives allowed the left to whitewash their role in 100 million deaths, some of them have even tried to score extra Respectable points by joining the left in dismissing critics of Marxism as a bunch of paranoid hicks stuck in 1985.

Ditto, on terrorism. Yes, Corbyn's record has been despicable, but the Tories aren't much better. Apparently, Labour wants to hire 20,000 police officers to track down people who appear on national TV talking about jihad. But what can the Tories really say? We've had three terror attacks one after the other, all involving 'known wolves', but the police know who the real enemy are.

Respectable Conservatives are shocked that a guy who clearly hates Britain could be elected PM, but they've been as guilty as anyone in creating a culture where joining a hostile foreign army is just an alternative lifestyle choice. Say what you like about Corbyn, he only supports ISIS, he didn't actually join them. Meanwhile, actual ISIS members are welcomed back into the country and given directions to the 'all you can eat' welfare buffet.

To the point: being a Professional Conservative must be the best paid job in the world, at least in terms of the hourly rate. These guys are in hibernation most of the time, then they wake up each election campaign and complain that they have trouble making headway in a culture that the left spends 365 days a year poisoning.