Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Even More Supporting-of-the-Troops

Thinking about that last post, it occurs to me that the Navy still isn’t the most obvious example of a British institution throwing in the towel. Just what can we expect them to do in a culture where even soi dissant Conservatives have taken against the military ?

Look at Iain Dale for a perfect exemplar of how the Tory Party supports the troops. He writes a twittering puff piece about loveable Jack-The-Lad Piers Morgan. Hello ?

For the record, Morgan was not fired because he squabbled with his proprietor, he got caught bonking his secretary or he dropped LSD in the punch bowl at the Christmas Party. Morgan was fired because one day in 2004, he sat at his editor’s desk and thought ‘You know what we really need more of ? Bogus war crimes story based on faked pictures’!

No doubt some over-enthusiastic controversialists would admire Morgan’s wacky jape. Ditto, many of the L3 scum would buy into Morgan’s absurd defence that an editor could hardly be expected to check a story and besides, while the story was completely bogus, it reflected something that could have happened somewhere in Iraq. But what’s with an endorsement from the internet face of Call-Me-Dave’s prissy princesses of PC posturing ?

Hey, if you’re going to support the Tories PC purging, you’d think you could spare some outrage for a guy who takes part in a hoax designed to defame the Army during time of war. The Left keeps claiming that almost any action Britain takes will provoke terrorism. Well, OK, Libs, here’s a guy producing genuinely provocative material out of whole cloth - shouldn’t he be held accountable for that ? Even if, like me, you’ve noticed that it’s easier to note the things that don’t provoke the RoP to violence, we’ve still got a guy who’s attempted to defame his nation’s forces – and still maintains the ‘truthiness’ of his charges. Even if you’re a moral nihilist, this should suggest a certain something about his likely credibility.

Bottom line: the only thing Morgan should be writing is a prison diary, but no, in the Nu Tories even producing libellous rubbish about people serving their country in a war zone is no big thing. With that kind of 'moral leadership' on display, it’s hard to blame chav scum for lacking moral conviction.

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