Tuesday, April 17, 2007

MSM Backtracks On Need For On-Line Civility

Leftists and the MSM - no wait, that's a redundancy - have been busy recently burning up innocent electrons in the name of calling for bloggers to stop being so Conservative nasty. So let's see how our betters deal with a genuinely sensitive topic. Here's the Guardian's Comment Is Free on the Virginia massacre:
I think American gun laws should be loosened so that drunk people and 4 year olds are no longer discriminated against.

The crazy mo' fo's put their right to bear arms above their right to get a broken bone mended for free and then want sympathy when one of the 300 million halfwits works out which end the 'death' comes out of.

Not from me buster..
That's from a creature calling himself Mexicola. As one of the first comments, it's been up all day, without any of the 'mods' seeming to have any problem with it. But maybe he's just one of that tiny minority of extremists, right ?

Next up, there's 'freepoland' - whose name incidentally provides further evidence that Lefties are always ready to take up a cause, so long as events have rendered it moot - proving once again that multicultralists believe all cultures are equal, except western ones:
The right to 'bear arms' always sounded like a piece of mediaeval pageantry. And it results in mediaeval barbarity when kids don't understand that life and guns don't mix.
Yep, those mediaeval barons were notorious for encouraging the serfs to be well-armed and self-reliant. But anyway: 'Kids' ? Liberals want five years olds to be taught about oral sex, but a 23 year old is a child ? Hey, who'd have thunk it ? A Lib trying to shift the blame from an evil degenerate onto them GUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUNS!

At least 'Lennorthfield' cuts out proxies, like the Right to Bear Arms. No, the real enemy is freedom itself.
The cult of the individual is the source of this horror. The US and the UK and slowly creeping into continental Europs. Self centredness, lack of respect for others and an unswerving belief in one's right to do whatever the hell one wants, regardless of consequence, is to blame. And we have taken to this paradigm like ducks take to water.

The answer? I dunno, maybe teaching people that its how much you do for the people that's important not how much you ger from them?
Yep, the killer was a product of the crazed individualism of Asian culture. At least there are still some parts of Korea free of the cancer of individual rights!

But that's a side-issue, the real question is this: what are the odds that the stuff he's 'done for people' happened to involve the happy by-product of a fat public sector wage packet and generous pension at about 38. I say 2-1 on.

From 'definitivecynic' comes this insight into the Liberal mindset:
What absolutely amazes me is the lengths the gun lobby will go to in order to find a place within the debate that lets them defend their hobby/fetish/constitutional sacred right to bear arms/whatever while still looking as if they care about young people not being blown to pieces with guns.

A guy from the Virgnina Defense Coalition (or some such tossy nonsense) was on Newsnight last night suggesting that if students were allowed to carry guns then they could defend themselves against this sort of thing, presumably by waging a full gun war on any intruder and hoping to win by sheer force of numbers.
That must be some ammo if it can blow people to pieces. But since when has utter lack of knowledge stopped Liberals talking about anything ?

Nope, the real pearler is the talk of a 'full gun war' (huh ?). Yep, maniacs wandering round shooting people ? That's bad, but people defending themselves ? Liberals have never heard anything so terrifying. Hey, someone could get hurt.

Next, there's a contribution from the winner of 'most unconvincing screen name', 2007. Yep it's 'ExArmy', proving once again that if you were talking about crop rotation in Chile, Liberals would still find a way to inject their love for surrender into the debate:
If I lived in America I would carry, hell America is a gung ho society shoot before you talk as the Iraq operation proved. As they would like to do in Iran if Iraq had and as Waco and Ruby ridge proves. No wonder Americans on both the left and right are scared of the American government.
But... but... wasn't St Bill in the Oval Orifice Office when Ruby Ridge and Waco happened ? I guess, for the purposes of attacking America, even Slick Willy gets thrown overboard.

Meanwhile, if you do think your government regularly sends out death squads to kill innocent citizens, would you really want to have to rely on agents of the state for your personal protection ?

But no, Liberals see no conflict in claiming that the US government is a fascist dicatorship, and demanding that the only people allowed to carry arms should be agents of that state. Here's 'southoftheborder':
there's no way that effective gun control can come into to force in america with the powerful dynasties running the country still in power. there's too much money and influence involved.
a sad result of this saddest of events will probably be more guns sold and more profits for the 'masters of war'. just so some 'patriotic' vigilante feels they can be a hero next time.
Yep, curse those deviants who might fire back at a crazed gunman. Don't they know homicidal maniacs have rights too ?

Then there's this comment from 'DisUall'
Look on the bright side - much better for Americans to stay at home killing each other than roaming the world slaughtering innocent men, women and children wherever and whenever they take the fancy.
Let's hope this aspect of the violence-obsessed US culture thrives.
Seeing as how one demographic is represented more than any other in these statistics, I'm wondering about the likely response of the Guardian mods to anyone reposting this with all the references to Yanks replaced by references to you know who.

Ditto, with this comment from 'questionnaire'
Of course guns are a problem. But Canada, Switzerland and Northern Italy have higher per capita gun-ownership rates.
It has happened elsewhere. But it is happening in the USA with alarming frequency, so explanations based solely upon individual pathology hold no water.
If one views this in the broader perspective of very high murder and imprisonment rates, mass media productions obsessed with death and violence and an aggressive foreign policy, it becomes obvious that there is something fundamentally wrong with mainstream American culture. It is beginning to look like an experiment gone wrong.
Whatever it is, Britain is beginning to show signs of it too.
Except it is overwhemingly not 'mainstream America' that suffers from these crimes. As in the UK, the violence is concentrated in certain demographics. Funnily enough, it's the Left doesn't want us to ask what's wrong with those cultures though.
The difference between the USA and Europe is that the Americans are much more religious. The combination of religion and weaponry is very dangerous, they value life much less than the more secular Europeans.
Also the religious-mindset is too fatalistic to bother with fixing the problem. They blame 'God' or 'Devil' and abrogate their responsibility rather than face reality.
There is no point asking Americans why they don't restrict gun ownership every time dozens of youngsters are massacred. Even if this happened every week it wouldn't occur to most Americans that there was anything they could or indeed should do about it. They'd just go to Church and pray.
Its a crying shame as its a lovely country and the people are incredibly friendly and hospitable but they've got a bad case of religion and it has a price that is paid in blood.
Yep, Americans are violent - even when they're actually Korean - because of Jesus. Isn't that just like a Guardian reader ? A Korean guy goes nuts in Virgina, but he still finds a way to blame it on a Jew.

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