Monday, April 02, 2007

Red on Red

Ever since the Left somehow managed to bilk people into believing the Nazis were right-wing, they've been pushing the line that indexing tax thresholds or school vouchers inevitably leads to Auschwitz. Hence their desire to remake the history curriculum as Nazism 101, complete with painfully contrived analogies to Conservatism. The only problem is that it's all gone horribly wrong for them.

Isn't that just like Liberals ? They've spent years pushing the 'Conservatives as Nazis' meme, but when they meet some folks who really do share common ground with the Nazis, they roll over. To return to a common theme, this is how essentially amoral Liberalism is. They've spent years claiming to be terrified that British Conservatives could create the Fourth Reich, but now it turns out Nazism is no big thing after all.

So much too for all the Liberal posturing about 'challenging racism'. If the Adolf Hitler Fan Club don't count as racists, who does ? Ditto, if someone's offended by people criticising Hitler, I don't think we can really call him a moderate.

This is Liberals telling us who they are. This it it: Liberalism in action. Even Hitler doesn't motivate them, not if it means they'd be on the same side as Western Civilisation. Here's the nihilistic train wreck of Liberalism in all its glory.

All of which raises a question: just what are they going to do with all their 'Bush=Hitler' signs ?

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