Tuesday, April 17, 2007

MSM Death Groupies

I'm guessing there weren't many bloggers around when the nation lost Sir Frederick Mercury, but I like to think Social Conservatives would have had enough class not to spend the day after claiming the loss of a music legend shows what's wrong with the gay lifestyle.

For all the supposed nastiness of the Right, it's hard to imagine anything equivalent to today's frenzy of US hating. The bodies have barely started cooling in Virginia, but already the MSM is busy explaining why they always knew you couldn't thrust them damn yankees. Apparently, there's no vast majority of peace-loving Americans. Ditto, with swords, oak leaves and gold cluster, for the hopolophobia. Apparently, a lone criminal slaughtering huge numbers of law-abiding citizens means we have to crack down on law-abiding citizens. Plus, if Reynard breaks into the hen house, the farmer should really do something about the chickens. Laban takes this idiocy head on.

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