Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Red on Red D'Jour

Carrying on the theme of the femiloons ever-flexible interpretation of 'zero tolerance', the left's endless games of ideological twister have managed to land them in a tangled heap once again. Muslim sex offenders claim they shouldn't have to take part in the Prison Service's Ferapee sessions.

See, that's clue number one right there. When a religion prohibits group therapy, but not rape, you really have to question the whole PoMo 'all cultures are equal' thing. Still, don't be surprised if the left's knee-jerk dhimmitude suddenly gets kicked into touch here.

Consider the issue under discussion: the remission of sentence available to perverts who agree to take part in therapy sessions. Who knew ? But while liberals may not want to publicise it, this is a perfect example of how liberals think crime should be handled.

Liberals genuinely believe that criminality is a psychological condition, sort of like OCD or claustrophobia. Leftists believe that all we need to do is arrange for some beardey-weirdy to stop by the prison with a can of psychic WD-40 and even the worst of predators will be good to go. Of course, this also has the side-effect of liberals scoring well-paid jobs in the rehab industry but you have to make sacrifices for the common good, right ?

Hence why libs are on the horns of a dilemma. Their normal no-guts reaction would be to fold, but then that would mean either early release for people even they admit are still dangerous, or alternatively, admitting that the whole rehab industry is a fraud and a farce, and all the group therapy in the world doesn't make the blindest bit of difference anyway.

Hey, say what you like about astrologers, but at least Jonathan Cainer doesn't spend his time letting rapists out of jail.

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