Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Human Rights: Liberalism's Own Doctrine of Infallibility

Not to give aid and comfort to the enemy, but liberals: if you're trying to pass yourself off as a totally non-partisan human rights group, you probably want to make sure your output gives at least some passing mention of rocket attacks, bombings, decapitations, honour killings, hostage taking, school sieges, hijackings and flying airliners into buildings - amongst other issues - before moving onto the horrors of water up the nose.

Or, to put it another way, you can use all the ominous music in the world, but people are still going to notice that the designated victim's head still remains firmly attached to his body.

Think about what Amnesty are saying here. They're not arguing that waterboarding is going too far, they're suggesting that we don't even need to think about terrorism in the first place. Bombings, smombings.... can we get back to slandering America now ?

This is how liberals argue. Which is to say they don't, in the sense of using reason and logic, instead they announce that if you're opposed to them, it means you're a NAZI (and pay no attention to the dead civilians behind the curtain). So the state of play is that sawing heads off is OK, but water up the nose is a terrible breach of human rights.......hmmm, would waterboarding be OK if you sawed the head off first ?

Liberals mock Christians who cite Biblical arguments for their political positions, but at least Christian theology is a serious body of work. On the other hand, human rights seem to be the political equivalent of lycra, endlessly stretching to accommodate whatever the left's position is this week. If nothing else, Amnesia Intentional's decision to throw its hand in with the head-choppers and school hijackers does at least throw into sharp relief just how corrupt the whole cesspit is.

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