Wednesday, April 09, 2008

More Fun With The Lawless Courts

When not letting murderers get off, judges are free to return to their core business: deciding what the law should really be. It's actually worse than it appears - check out the judge's comments:
[Mr Justice Newman] said the changes were "unfair" to those already in the UK under the programme and there was "no good reason why those already on the scheme shall not enjoy the benefits of it as originally offered to them".
Well, it's really interesting that the judge can see 'no good reason' for these changes but calling something 'unfair' doesn't exactly strike me as firmly based legal reasoning.

Judges and other liberals can yammer all they want about the majesty of the law, but when you look at the actual logic on show, you wonder when exactly the High Court started channelling eight year olds. There's not even the pretence of basing their decisions on legal principles, it's all emotive drivel.

Like I keep saying, checks and balances are supposed to work both ways. This case shows just how far out of wack things are. An elected government introduces a perfectly reasonable (and popular) policy and is blocked by a far-out loon on the bench yammering about 'fairness'. Never mind the specifics of immigration, crime and the like. It all counts for nothing just as long as a handful of off-the-scale moonbats on the bench are allowed to block the clearly-expressed will of the British people.

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