Thursday, April 10, 2008

Guns Don't Kill People... Novelty Tops Kill People

Does hoplophobia correlate with insanity ? Consider this from the Times (and no, Mr MSM, you don't get off the hook just by blaming someone else):
The £300 Defender hoodie makes the wearer’s upper body invincible to every bullet up to a high velocity rifle, its makers claim.
But if you think the rifle round deflecting clothes are stupid, wait until you see what the professional hoplophobes come up with:
But gun control groups said today that the company was practising “exploitation at its most grotesque”. They predicted a rise in gang violence, saying children would buy the hoodie as a status symbol.

Raymond Stevenson, a spokesman for Don’t Trigger, an international anti-gun campaign based in Brixton, London, said: “It’s not helping kids to provide them with bullet-proof armoury. These companies are just encouraging the escalation of the urban warfare.
Yep, so now we've not only got guns jumping out of the locker and running down the road shooting people, we've now got aggressive clothing making people shoot each other too. Who says the left have issues with personal responsibility ?

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