Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Private Sector Vs Public Sector

The blood letting has started at BA, after the T5 fiasco. Things are a little gentler in the public sector. Besides, BA lost shed lods of luggage, while the NHS only lost the one thing:
Hospital staff using politically correct language when describing dangerous patients are putting the public at risk, according to a confidential report revealed today.

It condemns a London NHS Trust after health workers' fear of causing offence led to serial rapist Terrence O'Keefe escaping from hospital twice in three years. He is still at large.

Staff at Lambeth Hospital failed to properly describe the danger posed by the rapist when he was transferred to King's College Hospital for treatment in February - because they were afraid of "offending" him the report says.
So the shrinks worry about offending sexual predators. Is it just me or does anyone else think this must be like when pub landlords become alcoholics ?

As ever, a vote of thanks too to the femiloons. They're all about the zero tolerance, except where it could do some good. No enemies to the left, eh, girls ?

It really doesn't get better on closer inspection:
O'Keefe, 39, escaped after he was assigned two nurses instead of a police guard. He had been in the secure mental-facility at Lambeth Hospital after being convicted of a string of rapes.

During the transfer to King's College he was described as a "medium secure patient". That vague language meant staff may not have realised how dangerous O'Keefe was, despite his escape from the same hospital in October 2005, the report concluded.

O'Keefe fled from his ward having not been handcuffed and has been on the run ever since. Police have warned he is "dangerous and should not be approached".
If a private business had behaved like this, libs would be demanding public execution of the board, but this is the NHS so we get this:
It concluded the Trust needs to find a way of saying how dangerous a patient is without offending them, adding: "Consideration therefore is required as to how we portray or use common language whilst remaining sensitive to the patient's treatment needs."
See, that's the whole thing. I'll go out on a limb here and say that most people, given a choice between public safety and offending a rapist by calling him a rapist, well, we're not talking a tough choice here.

But no: even now the libs won't start speaking English:
It concluded they did "not address public protection issues and risk of absconding behaviour", and said such patients should now routinely be handcuffed.
Absconding behaviour. Much like the Titanic had a problem with 'flooding behaviour'. When can we start with the 'sacking behaviour' ?

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