Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Why Won't These Racist Knuckle-Draggers Trust Us ?

I see the Tories response to the defection of Bob Spink to UKIP has been predictably classy. The Reverend Dale tried to exhume an old and long debunked smear.

For the record, Spink's rhetorical question about 'sending them back' was about the failed asylum seekers Blair had promised to deport. In other words, nasty old Spink was mocking the PM for not following up on his promises - or, as we used to call it back in the day 'being an opposition MP'. In so far as the policy under discussion was one supported by both main parties, it's hard to see why suggesting it be implemented as planned was so controversial. Dale's whiny complaint boils down to claiming that Spink's comment could have been offensive, if said in a completely different context.

Well, quite.

But's let's - for the sake of Dale's absurd argument - pretend Bob Spink is a Nazi thug who spends the day petrol bombing Asian-owned stores. How come the Tories were happy to have him representing them in Parliament ? Until yesterday he was one of the lads. Tory MPs were happy to break bread with a racist thug. Seems like institutional racism to me...

Seriously though, what does this say about the Tories claim to Eurosceptism ? They claim to support virtually the same policies as UKIP, except it turns out that UKIP members are all Nazis too, or - to quote Dale's commentators - 'the usual purple-faced, sherry-necking suspects', 'fruit and nut cases' and also representatives of the 'the net curtain twitching lower middle class.'

Hmmm.... so if I understand the Tories position properly, it's that Eurosceptics are the scum of the Earth, and the Tory Party welcomes their votes.

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