Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Today's Glory Of State Healthcare Story

Like always, you wonder why exactly 17 year old pizza boys who run pedestrians over face the full force of the law, but thirty-something medics can screw up with impunity and all we get is the usual blather about lessons and learning.

Equally, check out this bit:
The shocking truth about Alwyn's death has taken almost four years to emerge but the Callaways have always been determined eventually to expose the appalling catalogue of errors which cost his life....

The couple realised their son had been in distress for seven hours only when they received a copy of the medical notes....

When the hospital did not admit mistakes or apologise, the couple complained to the Healthcare Commission and in July 2005 took their case to the Ombudsman.
You know, I'm thinking lessons would be learnt much faster if these guys didn't keep lying like rugs. Meanwhile, I'm wondering about the likely response of the left to a private business that killed a child then spent years lying about what happened.

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