Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Blowback - Special Footy Edition

The Ian Wright thing just gets better and better. The Guadianistas' Guardianista Martin Jacques has the real story - don't be shocked, but it turns out to be all about the racism!

That proved too much even for some of those freaks, but my sympathy meter is firmly stuck on zero. As evidenced by the decision to hire a slavering thug like Wright in the first place, the BBC has assiduously promoted racial victimhood, so all this case really proves is the inherent problem with feeding crocodiles. Still, I did like this insight into the liberal mind:
Given that one-third of Premier League players are black, this is a disgrace. It would not be accurate to say that the BBC operates a colour bar in football punditry, but it is certainly the case that black representation is, at the very best, token.
Get that ? The massive over-representation of black footballers not only isn't a problem, it means the BBC should discriminate against the natives so that their own line-up will be similarly unbalanced. Uh, OK.

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