Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Tory Grass Roots Find Strange, Bony Growth Running Down Back

Could it be ? The battered wives of politics have finally developed a spine ? England Expects passes on news of the first stirrings of rebellion in the Tory grass roots. The drones are angry about the Cameroonatics flagrant rigging of the MEP candidates list. Why were they rigging it ? Need you ask.

You know it says something about Cameron's view of representative democracy that he has made it a deliberate part of his strategy to get deadbeats elected. So much for the idea of holding the executive to account.

For that matter what does it say about the Tory Party's claims to conservatism ? What is conservatism if not an ideology that believes in empowering the man in the street ? Yet every time the rubber meets the road, the Tory top brass make it clear they think their own members are a bunch of Neanderthals. After all, think about what the Tory face cards are saying here. Either they're admitting their favoured candidates are rubbish, or they're saying they believe that the membership are voting down excellent candidates just 'cause they're girlies. Ah huh!

Apparently the Tories want to set the people free, but only free to agree with them. Otherwise all bets are off.


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