Sunday, April 13, 2008

Run To The Hills!

Beats me why liberals have been making so much of this loon. Yeah, yeah: BNP member in 'insane' shocka! Who outside the left ever expected anything else ?

The only people who ever claimed to take the BNP seriously were liberals. The left has spent years trying to convince us the BNP are actually a bunch of Bond villains, endlessly poised to seize power and institute the Fourth Reich. The only way we could avoid such a fate was by junking our freedoms. As Umbongo reminds us, liberals have even worked themselves up into a rage after a newspaper published an election advert from the BNP (key quote from that story: "[Geoff Martin, the newspaper's editor] said he received 11 calls complaining and only one was from a reader.")

So which BNP are we talking about here ? The one full of spooky weirdos or the one that's so powerful the mere sight of one of their ads may cause this country to descend into a new age of darkness ?

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