Sunday, April 27, 2008

The Easter Bunny, Santa Claus And A Professional Teacher Walk Into A Bar...

Funnily enough, I almost got caught up in one of these teachers' demonstration last week. Apparently, there was a march planned for 2 PM. I realised what was going on when six stoners turned up in the town square at 2:25, asking everyone 'so, like, what were we doing last time ?'

Mind you, it is lucky they made such a big thing out of being on strike. Considering how many of them are on the sick anyway, who'd have noticed otherwise ?

Some have suggested there's a mixed message in a group of people who keep insisting they're professionals going out on strike. True enough, but a mere wrinkle compared to the massive humbuggery of claiming they're the most vital element in the education system, even as they deny all responsibility for the collapse of that self-same system.

There's an interesting comparison to be made with another well-known public service. In so far as leftists had spent years chanting 'kill the pigs', it was obvious that come 1997, the police would find themselves governed as occupied enemy territory, complete with puppet managers anxiously imposing the new order. But what's with the teachers ? Where is their 'Macpherson Report' ?

Nope - in education all the outside pressure is to try and get them back to traditional teaching. It was the teachers themselves who decided to catch the 3.10 to Looneyville - this is funny because it's true. Even so, in education reality frequently trumps satire.

All of which is by way of saying that I think I've found out where the professional teachers are - they're tied up teaching the children of all those moderate Muslims.

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