Sunday, January 21, 2007

Wrong Sort Of Authenticity

OK, so I've resisted so far, I've got to pitch my 2p’s worth in about Celebrity Big Brother. Actually, tool though he is, Richard Littlejohn, neatly sums up the Alice in Wonderland quality to the MSM’s decision to concentrate on this example of racism on Channel 4. Of course, being firmly rooted in the MSM himself, old Ricky can't quite bring himself to say what really lies behind the MSM's decision, namely total cowardice. Hard though it is to believe, they've actually exceeded their performance during the Motoons fiasco.

Still, there is one other factor: the totally surreal debate over what one of those chavs actually said to the Indian lass. Liberal witch hunters allege that he told her a p***, while the chav in question maintains that he merely called her a c***.

The distinction might not be obvious to folks in the real world, but to Liberals it is all-important. The first version of words sealed his reputation as a Liberal hate figure, while the second is proof positive of working-class authenticity. Indeed, as much effort as Liberals are currently spending denouncing the chavs for their alleged racism, they spent previously telling us obnoxious behaviour was the hallmark of genuine working class culture.

For that matter, what of the Indian lass herself? By all reports she is intelligent, educated, prissy, and a master of the Princess Di-style conspicuous emoting, in short, the type of person Liberals has spent years trying to convince chavs to have a Pavlovian reaction of hatred to.

In so far as Liberals have spent years telling us the chavs are merely expressing a different, but equally valid, culture to the rest of us, they are the last people in the world qualified to claim to be shocked - shocked! - at the sight of Homo Chavus in action.

Of course, let's not lose sight of the cynical political calculation behind all this. The eulogisation of dysfunctional behaviour served their needs when it was directed towards the institutions of society, it's only now this behaviour had been turned towards one of their sacred cows that they profess themselves to be shocked at such people.

Back then, chavs served a useful role as shock troopers in the war against traditional British values, but now they're shocked that chavs won't blindly obey their prissy, little rules. Screaming abuse at all and sundry when faced with the slightest disappointment is perfectly understandable but calling an Indian “the Indian", why, Liberals have never heard anything so horrific.

Why be surprised when Big Brother's celebrity chav star disintegrates on camera? Don't ask why she thinks she can get away with it when in almost every other case she is not only got away with it, she’s positively been rewarded for it. Can anyone who's read these guy’s books claim to be shocked at these events? Liberals haven't been so unjustifiably enraged by events since they started noting Blair lies quite a lot.

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