Thursday, January 11, 2007

Like Dresden, But With Cows

Is this meant to be a serious report, or is there a secret satirist deep inside the Shepard's Bush cube ?

Following US air strikes in southern Somalia targeting suspected al-Qaeda leaders, several herding areas have been hit by bombs...

We do not have the figures of the dead animals as a result of the air strikes but they are very many livestock that have been killed by the bombs.
Seriously, our licence fee is being used to expose brutality to pasture. And I thought Liberals were in favour of burning grass ?

Actually, the whole report is a piece of work. Or, rather, it's a piece of no-work whatsoever, since it mainly consists of the unsubstantiated testimony of an unnamed (oops, make that 'anonymous citing security reasons') 'elder' - whatever that means. Apparently, the BBC has heard of the whole 'journalistic standards' thing, but they're hoping it'll all blow over.

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