Tuesday, January 23, 2007

More Voting With The Backside

Talking of Blair, Matthew Parris pens a love letter to the Dear Leader in the Times. He lays out a tightly-argued thesis in favour of Blair’s underlying ideology.

Just kidding!

Nope, Parris praises Blair for promoting ‘tolerance’. What can he mean ? Admittedly, Parris makes weak attempts to try and link Blair’s position on the Most Important Issue Ever to more general trends, but his heart’s clearly not in it. Well, same ol’, same ol’. Except, of course, Parris is a former Tory MP and supposed commentator on political affairs.

See, that’s what’s so annoying about Parris and his ilk. Instead of taking the Peter Tatchell route and being up-front boosters for gay rights, they try to pass themselves off as Conservatives, yet on any issue even tangentially related to the MI2E, you can call their position even before the cards are dealt. Just who do they think’s buying it ?

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