Tuesday, January 30, 2007

As I Was Saying…

Spookily enough, the topics of the last two posts kind of feed into a comment I left earlier at Laban’s place. It was in the comments to this post where someone asked if people would be so worried about the fall of Christianity if there wasn’t a well-known peaceful religion clawing at the door of western civilisation, ready to replace it.

The simple answer is that nature abhors a vacuum. There’s no either/or there. Islam is an opportunistic infection, taking advantage of a body already rotted by Liberalism. Let’s face it – Islam isn’t advancing through the force of the ideology. Islam teaches that people are slaves to a brutal moon god who demands blind obedience even on the most trivial of things. The closest you get to any kind of hopeful message in Islam is the belief that if you kill enough Infidels, you’ll get an invite to Big Mo’s Whorehouse in the sky.

But what is it faced with ? The Liberal world view is based upon the idea that we are at a unique moment in human history when now, for the first time ever, a civilisation can get by without the family, a shared narrative, a code of honour, objective truth, a sense of consequences or, well, any of the other 871 things the Left sneers at whenever traditional values are mentioned. Apparently, every civilisation that has existed in the past 5000 years has been a ghastly mistake.

Well, now we've got a chance to test that hypothesis. European sophisticates vs deranged savages.


The rise of Islam is the perfect barometer of just how sick our civilisation is, proof positive of the essential hollowness of the Liberal ideal of multicultural, omnisexual intellectuals sitting at pavement cafes, discussing trends in post-modern architecture over the lattes. When our civilisation is less inspiring than the rantings of a sociopathic nonce from the 7th century, we’ve got real problems.

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