Tuesday, January 23, 2007

A Heroine For Our Times

The Left’s snit with Blair has reached such absurd proportions that I now find myself warming to him. At least there’s still one member of the Blair family who is reliably appalling. Still, rancid though she is, you have to acknowledge Cherie’s important social role as the unacceptable face of Liberalism.

Leave aside the actual politics, and you have to admire how Princess Tony effortlessly triangulates and evades his way around even the wildest contradictions – hence why his Liberal critics have had to fall back on screeching hysteria. Cherie, on the other hand, wears her lunacy on her sleeve.

Cherie is a living example of what Liberalism really means. Liberals wax lyrical about abstract concepts like society, but what does all that boil down to in the real world ? Cherie hoovering up a warehouse full of clothes, soaking a cancer charity and then shaking down F-list celebrities for free holidays. Oh, and by the way, we must also remember that Cherie is a feminist icon, thanks to her huge achievements such as being married to the PM. Still, she always has her business acumen (and who better to act on her behalf than a convicted fraudster) ?

Liberalism is the belief that us peasants need to shut the hell up and gratefully accept the reign of Liberal philosopher kings. Well, here she is: Queen Cherie, Liberal archetype, the sleazy, selfish, shameless and, most of all, stupid living embodiment of what’s wrong with Liberalism. All you need to know is that every time someone calls for more government regulation, they’re calling for more power to go to people like Cherie Blair.

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