Thursday, January 18, 2007

Scientists Baffled As Sane Judge Found

So, police officers arrest an innocent man then charge him with behaving offensively while he’s being held on the bogus charges. Well, it’s one way to get the figures up, but isn’t this what the Left used to oppose ?

Ah, but that’s forgetting the special hate crime monkey dust. Liberals are horrified by the thought that terrorists may be forced to have warm milk on their cornflakes, but when it comes to hate crimes, all bets are off. Except this time the impossible happened: the case came before a sane judge:
[Racist abuse] by a drunk towards an obviously highly professional, educated and respected member of society in a position of clear authority over the defendant, I found it hard to conceive that it could be taken as seriously upsetting abuse
Yowser! This guy must be like Charlton Heston in The Omega Man, walled up in his court while vampire Liberals mill outside. That’s not all. He puts his finger on the Yang to the Yin of Liberal obsession with hate crimes:
Any reading of what was actually said in court would make it clear that the potential seriousness of what occurred was that a police surgeon was threatened with violence and non-racial abuse to the extent that he decided he needed to leave the cell to which he had been called. This amounted to an assault, but this was not the offence charged.

“A gratuitous single piece of racist abuse was uttered as the surgeon left. This was the charge on which the full weight of the law had been brought to bear.
Indeed. It would be easier to take the Liberal obsession with naughty words, if only they put the same energy into dealing with actual, real thugs. But no. Still, I have to say that I’m impressed this guy's survived as long as he has. I guessing a Liberal Slander Squad has already been scrambled. Then again, maybe not. After all, Liberals don’t seem to be worried about hate speech anymore.

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