Wednesday, January 17, 2007

One Priest Scandal The MSM Won't Touch

ATW passes on some more evidence of the long suspected tie-up between the Catholic Church and the IRA. Doubtless, some would point out that these were rogue priests, yet not even the otherwise excellent Popes JP II and B16 have managed to come out with anything like a full-throated condemnation of those loveable leprechauns.

The bottom line is that if you were a full-on, Dawkinsesque critic of religion, then the news that priests stepped out with murdering scum should be the mother lode, but Liberals aren't answering the phone. The Catholic Church is attacked because of its central role in western civilisation, rather than for any deep moral reasons. That's why they'll pass up the chance to take a shot at the Church if doing so would mean being on the same side as civilisation. It's the essentially nihilistic nature of the modern Left - they'll always take whatever angle is most harmful to the West.

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