Sunday, January 14, 2007

Did Anyone Not Speak To Kelvin McKenzie ?

Looks like the fat fraud has unveiled yet another secret source for his Hillsborough rantings. Back in the day, he claimed he had his info from a senior (needless to say, unnamed) police officer. Then it turned out that an (also unamed) Tory MP gave him the same story (though what one of them was doing at a footy match was never quite explained). Now, he's claimed that a (well, you know) 'Liverpool-based news agency' also gave him the story. I'm guessing by 2017, the Archbishop of Canterbury and Prince Charles will also turn out to have pitched in.

It says a lot about the MSM's view of ethics that no one ever thinks to ask McKenzie the obvious question: in so far as the only specific allegation he made, namely that a pack of marauding scousers broke down the entry gates, was debunked by CCTV footage almost as soon as it was made, why should anyone believe the rest of his rantings about unnamed people victimising other unnamed people at unspecified locations and times ?

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