Thursday, January 04, 2007

Who's This 'We', Paleface ?

Steyn, perfect as ever:
But the moral posturing of Europeans is less a guide to practical policy on war and jihad than a glimpse of their own psychological isolation. The German Web site Davids Medienkritik provided a useful round-up of local reports on Saddam's hanging: "Die Europaer verurteilten die Anwendung der Todesstrafe," declared Die Zeit. "The Europeans condemn the use of the death penalty."

What "Europeans"? Not the majority of Germans who approve of the execution. Not the 58% of French citizens. Not the seven out of 10 Britons. When Die Zeit and The Times and all the rest say that "Europe" condemns the death of Saddam, what they mean is that a narrow, remote, self-insulating politico-media elite condemns it.

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