Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Liberals Forced To Argue Facts; Scream, Pout, Whine

Hmmmm…. Seems like pretty soon the Left is going to have to decide: was the Guardian’s seven month investigation that lead to the outing of the so-called BNP ballerina the greatest intelligence coup since ULTRA, or was Simone Clarke always ‘a vociferous member of an avowedly racist party’. Which is it ? Secret stormtrooper or not ? (Bonus question: how many of the Leftists tossing round the phrase ‘BNP ballerina’ objected to people calling the vics in Sussex ‘prostitiutes’ ? I’d say a top ballet dancer has a least as much of a hinterland as a hooker).

Right up until the Guardian’s alleged expose, no one even knew anything about Simone Clarke’s politics. That’s how ‘vociferous’ she was. She was the victim of an attempted MSM drive by, so she gave a pitch-perfect interview that reduced the Daily Mail to limp snark. That’s it, that’s what’s reduced the whole of the British Left to whining about her ‘using her position as a platform’: someone’s actually stood their ground.

Yep – it’s true: even ballet dancers are tougher than Liberals.

Incidentally, that quote about a ‘a vociferous member of an avowedly racist party’ came from Lee Jasper. Yes, that Lee Jasper, proud Chair of the following organisations:

National Black Alliance

National Black Caucus

Operation Black Vote
Current member of the Black Jewish Forum

Former Director of the 1990 Trust (1995 - 2000) ‘a leading policy organisation on issues affecting African, Asian, and Caribbean communities in the United Kingdom and Europe.

1998 Winner of the Premiere Community Award from Britain's biggest black newspaper, The Voice

President of the National Black Students Alliance
So, just to review the evidence: British nationalism bad, black nationalism good.

Yeah, yeah, I know: no matter how many Armani suits Trevor Phillips lays in, he’ll still be a victim, just as much as a homeless, white, Falklands veteran will always be an oppressor.

See, that’s it, right there. That’s why people join the BNP

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