Sunday, January 28, 2007

Judge, Rope, Scaffold - Some Assembly Required

So, now we know: even people convicted of actual attacks on kids doesn’t count as ‘dangerous’. But hey – how come the judges aren’t yammering about political interference this time ? Whenever it’s suggested that they should be sending more people to jail, the whining’s audible from South Korea. This time, not so much.

But let’s consider what the judges are really doing. It’s so obvious, even Nick Robinson has picked up on it. They are – as these Leftist tools would doubtless say – sending a message. They want some payback against John Reid, so they’re releasing dangerous predators. Huh ?

Just what kind of amoral degenerate do you have to be to reach the point where giving predators another chance to strike at innocent children in order to make trivial political points strikes you as a good idea ? And should people like that even be on the bench in the first place ?

A vote of thanks too for the Tories, reliably appalling as ever, for jumping onboard this particular bandwagon. No matter how awful you think John Reid is, he can hardly be personally responsible for the lack of prison places. I’d suggest the blame lies with another member of the Scottish Raj, but that’s by the by. In throwing their hand in with a bunch of activist judges seeking to hijack the legal process, the Tories have tacitly accepted one of the most toxic – and anti-Conservative - trends of recent years. Tories allowing short term politics to overrule long-term strategy ? Say it ain’t so!

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