Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Bad News: We're All Crazy (Again)

Uh oh – looks like an old friend is back: the Pathological Conservative. Really, Liberals wax indignant about the supposed Conservative ‘War on Science’ but just how much respect should the Right have for people prepared to present any old garbage as science, providing it slimes the Right ?

Actually, great though the takedown of that study is, all I needed to know was that it featured two of the best markers for junk science, namely the claim that Stalin was actually right-wing, and reference to the work of that old Marxist fraud Adorno. Absurd twisting of definitions and blind acceptance of nonsensical rubbish are never a good basis for research.

This is not some obscure scientific eccentricity either. There’s the obvious point that folks like this are scoring swag from the taxpayer to produce semi-literate screeds denouncing Conservatives, but it goes a little deeper than that. Let’s leave aside any speculations on how Liberals think we should treat the disease of Conservatism, and just consider one specific area of policy. Right now, the same level of genius which produces work like this, is also driving government policy on crime and punishment. Or, to put it another way, the integrity-free hacks who produce reams of garbage proving Rightist are mental cripples, are the ones determining if and when paedophiles are ready to be released. Reassuring, hey ?

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